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Java EE 6 at JavaOne

Posted by robc on April 25, 2008 at 10:43 AM PDT

JavaOne 2008 is around the corner, so I thought I'd compile a list of sessions touching on Java EE 6 technologies.

Let's start with the platform itself.

As part of the Sun Technical General Session (Tuesday, 1:30pm) I'll be giving an overview on EE 6 and show some cool GlassFish V3 demos. Then you are all invited to the Java EE 6 Platform Community BOF (BOF-4984, Wednesday, 7:30pm) to talk about profiles and other features in the platform. Several expert group members will be there (12, at last count) and we are looking forward to a very interactive conversation with the audience.

Moving on to the main EE 6 components, here is a list of talks by the various spec leads:

  • TS-5343 EJB 3.1 (Tuesday, 12:10pm)
  • TS-5509 JPA 2.0 (Wednesday, 1:30pm)
  • TS-5415 Servlet 3.0 (Thursday, 10:50am)
  • TS-5425 JAX-RS 1.0 (Tuesday, 12:10pm and Friday, 2:50pm)
  • TS-5979 JSF 2.0 (Thursday, 2:50pm)
  • TS-5286 WebBeans 1.0 (Wednesday 10:50am)

(I just noticed the overlap between the EJB and JAX-RS talks. I wonder if it's too late to move one of them, or schedule a repeat session. I'll check with the conference organizers.) Update: The JAX-RS talk will be repeated on Friday at 2:50pm.

I would also recommend the session on JSR-303 (Bean Validation, TS-5616), which we are tracking closely for inclusion in the platform.

Finally, here are the community discussion BOFs:

  • BOF-5624 Connector Architecture 1.6
  • BOF-5039 JDBC 4.1
  • BOF-5753 EJB 3.1

If you like the demos I'll show during the keynote, you owe it to yourself to attend the GlassFish V3 session (TS-5921, Tuesday 4:40pm).

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