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Posted by editor on April 29, 2008 at 6:46 AM PDT

Power up your robots for JavaOne

One of the reasons we needed a bigger booth for JavaOne this year was so that the Trackbots would have room to roam. And they could be roaming with your code...

The RoboHACC Programming Un-Contest is designed to challenge your coding skills in Java using the Greenfoot Framework/IDE to direct a Sun SPOT equipped TrackBot through an Arena with various obstacles. You can use existing code examples or start from scratch. Collaboration is highly encouraged; so find some fellow coders and get hacking.

The RoboHACC Un-Contest begins now, but will really take off at JavaOne where you'll interact with other participants. Having Greenfoot preconfigured to work with the trackbots should make it easier, and if you take a look at the mini-talk schedule, you'll see that Shawn Silverman is offering a Trackbot programming mini-talk each day, and will be in the booth much of the day, giving you a chance to get answers to your Greenfoot/Trackbot programming questions during the show.

So, if you've wanted to play with SunSPOTs, Trackbots, or just want a change of pace, visit the uncontest page, download Greenfoot, and we'll look forward to seeing you next week.

Also in Java Today,
the OpenJDK project has approved two new sub-projects. The NIO project's "mission is to produce the implementation of the (New) New I/O APIs being defined by JSR 203 as well as related work in the JDK." Meanwhile, the XRender Graphic Pipeline project is working on a "new Java2D graphics pipeline based upon the X11 XRender extension", and is part of the OpenJDK Community Innovators' Challenge.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi reports that GlassFish v3 just got embeddable. "I can now run Hudson in this embedded GFv3. Here's how it works — GlassFish v3 can be run as an OSGi application as Sahoo reported earlier, but in fact it can also be run without any kind of classloader isolation system at all. Sure, you won't get the isolations, but this means you can just drop a bunch of GFv3 jars in your classpath and run it like that."

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is
Java Mobility Podcast 43: Mobile Distillery's porting tool Celsius, in which
Razmig Sarkissian from Mobile Distillery talks to Terrence about Celsius, a software solution for porting and optimizing Java ME applications across over 800 phones.

In today's Weblogs, Mandy Chung provides more details about
Supporting OSGi Bundles in the Java Module System.
"A draft specification for supporting OSGi bundles in the Java Module System is made available to the JSR 277 Expert Group to continue the OSGi interoperability discussion."

Giovani Salvador shares an interesting anecdote about
Refactoring for Performance.
"Sometimes small modifications help applications to improve performance. Here an example on how a small modification helped a critical application to improve its performance without big refactorings."

Finally, David Herron previews his JavaOne presentations
On hacking the OpenJDK.
"I'm giving a session at JavaOne this year titled "Hacking the OpenJDK" and it's been very interesting sitting with this topic these last few months. Much of the presentation is an overview of the developer guide, source repositories and other infrastructure on which anybody 'hacking' the OpenJDK will need to get started."

In today's Forums,
martinstam notices JVMs hanging around, in
Re: javaws.exe stays in memory.
"With b14 almost every java web start application resulted in a copy of javaws.exe resident in memory. Now with build 1.6.0_10-beta-b22 after 40-50 times invoking and quitting a web start application I have 10 instances of javaws.exe (not javaw.exe and not java.exe) resident in memory (see attached file). Have I overlooked something?"

Rajiv Mordani announces a new mailing list and forum in created.
"In an effort to consolidate the user mailing lists for webtier technologies, we have created a mailing list and forum dedicated for webtier users - This forum is intended for discussing the webtier technologies including Servlets, JSP, JSF, JSTL, Grizzly and scripting support in GlassFish and build a community that focuses on webtier of the Java EE platform. Please note that this list will be (not yet done but should happen soon) cross-posted to the webtier forums, so you can either email the list directly, or post to the forums."

Finally, nicoley announces a
JavaOne Community Event for friends of Project Wonderland.
"The entire Wonderland team will be at the JavaOne conference this year. We'll be heading over to the Thirsty Bear on Wednesday, May 7th at 7:30pm after Chris Melissinos' Java gaming birds-of-a-feather session. Whether or not you're planning on attending JavaOne, please join us for this informal Wonderland Community Event. We'll bring something along that says "Wonderland" on it so you'll be able to find us."

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Power up your robots for JavaOne