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Hudson community updates

Posted by kohsuke on May 1, 2008 at 11:20 AM PDT

Some of the recent developments in Hudson:

More SCM plugins

It's amazing how many SCMs the world has developed, and it's even more amazing to see so many people signing up to write SCM plugins for Hudson. Michael Donohue recently added BitKeeper plugin and URL SCM plugin (which is to check the timestamp of URL and if it's new it copies it over.) In the mean time, Nigel Magnay wrote a Git plugin and Jesse started hacking the Mercurial plugin more and more lately.

Google Gadget

Jeff Black wrote a Google Desktop gadest for Hudson, which lets you see the status of builds in your desktop. This is neat, and the same idea should be useful for other gadget technologies.


The auther of Hudson NetBeans plugin have moved on to the film industry (seriously), so I talked to him and moved the plugin code to Hudson Subversion repository. Jesse almost immediately started hacking, which is great.

Speaking of NetBeans, I was impressed with the latest Maven2 support in NetBeans 6.1 (the project team kindly sent me the latest bits for an experiment — I suspect this new version will be available for JavaOne.) For example, it lets you create a Hudson plugin from the new project wizard (through archetype), and it now also understands the repository index file from Nexus, so I don't have to manually find out the exact groupId/artifactId any more.

Hudson and Japanese community

Hudson is growing among Japanese, too. (I think it helped that I started blogging in Japanese as well.) Kenji Nakamura has expanded the maven2 job type so that a bunch of plugins like port allocator or Xvnc can be used with it. I also just saw a Mantis plugin contribution from Seiji Sogabe.

There'a distribution of Trac in Japan called "Trac Lightening" (which is very popular there due to its ease of installation and out-of-box experience), and this is switching to Hudson from Continuum.

The open source community in Japan is actually pretty strong, even though it might not be visible from here.

Hudson at JavaOne

Rama and I will be doing a technical session on Hudson Friday noon (TS-6547 "Improving the Engineering Process Through Automation by Hudson".) The talk includes overview of Hudson, two demos, discussion of best practices for bigger Hudson deployments, and the orb. So don't forget to add that to your schedule.

Looking forward to seeing you all in JavaOne.

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And there is also the CommunityOne lighting talk on Monday! - eduard/o