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Preparing for JavaOne

Posted by daniel on May 5, 2008 at 7:01 AM PDT

I can't remember if my first JavaOne was the second or third but I've been to every one since and I'm still not considered Alumni. I've been to enough of them to remember when there was a huge buzz around the conference and you would walk out of the keynotes energized and couldn't wait to write something using the new toys.

I also remember Pat Sueltz on stage in her Howard Dean moment screaming "You can make money with Java" over and over again. I remember when Bill Joy would say something years before the rest of the world would understand it. I even remember when James Gosling (who is still an interesting guy) had interesting things to say.

So I wonder which sort of JavaOne this will be.

Here's the sort of JavaOne I hope it will be -- I hope it will be the kind of conference where they announce new things that I can actually play with. The JavaFX stuff last year looked nice but there was no way for me to know. There was no tooling and nothing much that I could do with it. It looks to be a big part of this year's message as well.

At Gosling's keynote at the Mobile and Embedded Developer Days back in January, he put a lot of emphasis on JavaFX being a big part of the future for the platform. I would like to know that consumers can use it in the next six months and developers have access to tools now.

From the banners around Moscone, it looks like a theme this year is "Java+you". I'm not sure if that is pronounced "Java and you" or "Java plus you" but in either case I hope that Sun really does put "us" back in the Java story.

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