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Posted by cwfrei on May 6, 2008 at 1:45 PM PDT

In today's keynote, Rich Green (Sun's Executive VP Software) pointed out the increasing importance of RIA showing a compelling demo of a JavaFX application. The application merging sources from Youtube, Flickr and Twitter running in a browser could be simply dragged onto the desktop to run there. The same application was even shown to run on the Android emulator. RIA are an important step on the way to the consumer-centric world as SUN sees it coming. One interesting aspect of the application on the desktop is: it can simply be erased again like any item on the desktop. According to Jonathan Schwartz this is a very compelling way to distribute content without having to force the user through a browser and whatever kind of website.

There are of course competing technologies to build RIA. These technologies will be presented at Jazoon'08. If you have very new stuff to present you can still submit a proposal for the Jazoon Cutting-Edge session until 2008-05-16 (check the conference website for details). Speakers will receive a free conference pass.

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