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JavaOne - Hits and misses

Posted by calvinaustin on May 9, 2008 at 3:42 PM PDT

I really enjoy JavaOne, I've been to pretty much every show since the first JavaOne in 1996. This year I think JavaOne was an eye-opener on many levels, the Java ecosystem is very much alive. The pavilion floor was full of vendors, there were lines for the sessions and even back to lines to the restrooms.

I met some folks who hadn't been to JavaOne since Java 5 came out so it was great to see renewed interest in the platform. Its almost like an industry secret that Java is still such a popular platform.

My hits for the conference were as follows:

  1. High attendance by the Java developer community, many sessions were full
  2. Organization was very professional, not that I enjoyed being scanned everywhere but it worked
  3. Meeting with fellow Java champions and developers

My misses:

  1. Lack of visibility about Java 7, lack of communication about JavaFX. Java developers are patient but don't push them too far
  2. Some sessions needed to be in larger rooms, or simulcast. I understand the cost issue though
  3. wireless network was strained, both for the keynotes demoes unfortunately and around the moscone. The alumni network access was fantastic though!

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