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It's over

Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 12, 2008 at 6:43 AM PDT

The saddest day at the conference is undoubtly friday, when they pack
the pavillion stuff and you perceive that the thing is almost over. For
some reasons, however, friday has been one of my most important days at
the conference thanks to a long talk with href="">Henry Story,
which will have some consequences for blueMarine. Stay tuned.

Spent saturday at Muir Woods and Point Reyes, spent sunday on the cable
car and at Fisherman's Wharf, it's time to fly back. This means I'll be
disconnected for about two days, including the time to recover the jet
lag. In the meantime, I'm publishing some resources about my talk:

  • the href="">slides
    that I presented;
  • an href="">introductory
    video about blueMarine (*) used at the presentation is now
    availailable on;
  • the href="">JavaPolis
    2007 talk about blueMarine is now available on href=""> - it's a
    bit outdated now, but can be useful while waiting for Sun to publish
    JavaOne media stuff.

(*) For people curious
about the performance, the video has been postprocessed and some waits
(most notably at the boot, during NASA World Wind initialization and
during the download of modules from update center) have been removed.
In all the other parts the video has not been accelerated and reflects
the current performance. The version shown is href="">0.9.RC3SNAPSHOT.5463

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Hey, it was great to finally meet you Fabrizio!

@invalidname. Yes, it's remarkable. Too bad there are so many remarkable places in California and I have only so few days... I'm writing at the airport, waiting for my airplane to Paris and Genoa, and looking out the window I'm a little sad to leave today. You can't get into places' mood in this way and you can't shoot good photos (out of more than two hundreds shots from Saturday I can save just about half a dozen). In the past I even was to Yosemite and it would be nice to go back there... Let's hope for more time next year :-)

@richunger My pleasure, Rich. We definitely filled a gap :-)

Glad you had time to check out Muir Woods. Isn't it remarkable? Good to see you at the booth...

At JavaOne I was able to use better my time (also thanks to the pre-recorded demo) and I had also the time to explain a bit of code, just to have people understand if they like it; but the JavaPolis talk was good on the overall. Too bad I don't think we'll have video recordings for JavaOne.

I'm very happy I had the chance to see your JavaPolis talk on line. It is very inspiring. Will the JavaOne ones be available as well? The video on NB tv is very nice, it is creative... different :). Regards