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InfoWorld's Discussion of OpenSolaris and Linux With Sun's Ian Murdock

Posted by marinasum on May 13, 2008 at 11:27 AM PDT

Paul Krill's recent interview on InfoWorld with Ian Murdock, creator of Debian Linux and now Sun's VP of developer and community marketing, sheds light on many frequently discussed aspects of open source as they relate to Sun. The question of how to make money from open source remains a key one. Here's part of Ian's response: "[T]here are ample opportunities to make money because even though open source is free in the monetary sense, it still requires a lot of expertise and knowhow to make it operate efficiently."Other interesting questions posed to Ian include these three:

  • With OpenSolaris, Sun changed the packaging to make it more like Linux. Is it too late for OpenSolaris to compete against Linux?
  • As somebody who has developed Debian and now is an advocate for OpenSolaris, which do you see as superior?
  • What are you expecting developers to do with Open Solaris?

Also take a look at the nice pictures of the OpenSolaris launch at CommunityOne last week, courtesy of Sun's Jim Grisanzio.

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