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Building GWT Comet based web app using Grizzly Comet

Posted by jfarcand on May 20, 2008 at 12:58 PM PDT

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GWT + Grizzly Comet stream when server stops abruptly

In a GWT + Grizzly Comet stream environment, if the browser is waiting for an event from the server and the server stops abruptly, the browser is not notified. So, what's the best way to resolve this problem? Use timeout for the GWT-RPC requests and make the server send a keep-alive by the stream?

This long polling solution works in FF but don't work in IE. I tried it with IE 6, 7 & 8. No luck! We are going to build a big application with GWT and grizzly comet. Can anyone help please?

See the answer here: and the following discussion.

Hi JF! I'm developing a GWT application using GWT-RPC and Grizzly. My application works fine using Long Poll connections but I'd like to notify the client using the Streaming mode. I tried to remove context.resumeCometHandler() but the GWT-RPC doesn't receive the notification... Can you help me? Thanks.

Berlung, if you are planning to use Comet (GWT is not important here) inside a farm, you will need to make sure all the server inside the farm can communicate between them. With GlassFish, you usually uses JMS between Server to share the information. So if a request is sent to server-1, server-1 will send, via JMS, the request info to server-2, so both server-1 and server-2 can initiate a server push to their respective long lived connection. -- Jeanfrancois

how would you ensure scalability over long lived connections at server side, especially if we have only one entry point to a server farm? It basically sounds more like an application, made only for a single physical server.

Hum, which IE are you using? Works fine for me on XP + IE 7. Can you also point me to the proper example you have used? Better, can we continue the discussion on Thanks!!!

The code I wrote for GWT using long connections works with Firefox but not with IE (or GWT hosted browser), even if I try to bypass the 256B internal buffer. I'm running on glassfish v2ur2. I noticed the grizzly chat long connection doesn't work in IE either.


I've written up a tutorial about how to do this here: Check it out, its pretty rough, I'll be making improvements to it in the following weeks.

Hi, I would be deeply interested in your demo :) I'm having some issues on the client side of GWT. Sami

Thanks JF, me tutorial is still pretty rough, let me know if you have any tips. Also, let me know how your demo is going. I'd love to contribute!

Hi Morock! Nice tutorial. I will link to it from :-)!