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Only Human

Posted by editor on May 21, 2008 at 7:21 AM PDT

Bots for beginners

Having been in attendance for most of this year's Community Corner mini-talks, one thing that impressed me was how the robots on the other side of the booth were accurately simulated in the Greenfoot programming environment, as displayed in several mini-talks. Credit for this goes to the trackbot-greenfoot project, which allows you to try out the very simple trackbot API before downloading it onto a real device.

To get people interested in trying out trackbot programming and setting them loose in the maze, Shawn Silverman gave a daily mini-talk introducing the trackbots, their API, and the Greenfoot environment. The first of these is

today's JavaOne Community Corner Podcast. In
j1-2k8-mtT04: TrackBots, Greenfoot, and the RoboSim Contest: a How-To, Shawn
describes the basics of how to simulate a TrackBot using the Greenfoot environment. By the end of the session, attendees should understand how to use the robot's sensors to interact with the environment.

In Java Today,
the Red Hat Magazine article Open source project: OpenJDK by Andrew Haley offers a history of the incorporation of OpenJDK into Fedora 9. "At the 2006 JavaOne conference, Sun announced plans to open source Java. This wasn