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Grizzly 1.0.20 available for the old bear's lover..with an updated Bayeux Implementation

Posted by jfarcand on May 22, 2008 at 6:24 PM PDT

For the old timer Grizzly 1.0.x users (like open-esb), I've just uploaded the latest grizzly 1.0.20 binaries from GlassFish v2.1. You can download them from here. Of course, you are welcome to try our latest release, which is!


1.0.20 contains bug fixes and a back port of Grizzly Comet and its Bayeux Protocol (cometd) implementation from This allow GlassFish v2 users to have the latest and greatest Bayeux implementation! You can download Bayeux example from here. 1.0.20 should be the latest release...snif snif snif for the now old Grizzly 1.0!


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