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Believe What You're Saying

Posted by editor on May 30, 2008 at 7:30 AM PDT

What's fair?

A couple interesting bits about issues of fairness are hopping around the net today... Slashdot has a bit about Microsoft considering open source a greater threat than Google, but more to the point at hand, /. links to an OStatic interview with Microsoft about Open Source. Here's an interesting money quote from Sam Ramji, head of Microsoft's global open source and Linux team:

The other thing I think is missing is implementation of a basic principle of economic fairness. Thousands of developers have put very hard work into building software used by millions of people and companies, yet only a fraction of these developers are rewarded financially. Currently there are perfectly good projects that have been abandoned by their developers despite being used by large corporations. Subsequently the projects fall out of use. This is unnecessary waste that would often be prevented by making it easy for companies to pay the developers directly. I think it