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SwingX 0.9.3 Released

Posted by rah003 on June 10, 2008 at 11:45 AM PDT

0.9.3 release instead of concentrating on new features, delivers bug fixes for most pressing issues and should provide users with stable and usable code. This is ever more important as there will be some API changes made as a part of API cleanup planned for release 0.9.4. So hopefully 0.9.3 will provide necessary stability for those who won't be able or willing to jump up the wagon and accommodate API changes in their code immediately.

Binaries should be in central maven repo within a week.

In the mean time you can get the release from the downloads page.

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rah003: Yes, release notes = changelog. The point of my question was that this information should be made available as part of the release announcement (preferably via a link to the full list of changes) so that I can decide how my application might be affected by the changes BEFORE downloading the new release. I should not have to download the release to find out what's changed, or dig through your issue tracker. Thanks for supplying that link.

Hi Richard, to be honest, I didn't know about Metawidets until reading your blog. It looks very nice and I'm glad it supports SwingX components. You guys seems to instrument layout managers automatically. This begs the question: Do you support only default ones or are custom layout mangers like MultiSplitLayout of SwingX or MigLayout supported via custom widgets same as custom components?

Sure, point taken. I'll try to remember to include list directly in the announcement next time.

Hi Jan, I have recently blogged about using SwingX 9.3 with Metawidget. If you get chance to look at it I'd appreciate your thoughts. Richard.

Until now SwingX 0.9.3 not added to Central Maven Repository. Anyone can fix that ?

How about some sort of changelog so we can tell *which* bugs were fixed?

@loserblog: SwingX is set of experimental Swing components that may make it over a time into Swing if there is enough interest from community. More at Swinglabs web

@sjakob: Release notes (part of the release) lists all fixed issues. You can also find all fixed issues by looking at issue tracker and I have also uploaded release notes for version 0.9.3 here.

For now SwingX 0.9.3 is in repo. For details see