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Diagnose performance issues at Jazoon

Posted by claudio on June 13, 2008 at 10:23 PM PDT


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week I am heading up to the northern hemisphere to join a
crowd of Java professionals and enthusiasts to participate to Jazoon

href=""> style="font-weight: bold;">Tools and Tips to Diagnose
Performance Issues is the session I am going to
share tips and tools to help diagnose performance issues on Java
applications. Some of them are heap and thread dump analysys,
OutOfMemoryError, system performance, monitoring and profiling. If you
plan to attend Jazoon, please take a look at the session. It is going
to be challenge to fit a lot of information on 50 minutes (including
questions). I plan to attend other similar sessions to learn a bit more
about this matter.

Do you remember the days you asked
"How can I detect which
class is consuming a lot of memory at the production site ?
"Which monitor is
locking all threads ?
", " style="font-style: italic;">Why are there so many http
connections being queued ?", those are some
answers I plan to talk about at the session.

first day, is the community day, as there are going to happend href="">GlassFish
and NetBeans day at Monday from 9am to 3pm. The good news, style="font-weight: bold;">it is free, but you
need to register in advance.

Besides the beautiful
city (which I want to spend some time outside the conference), what I
find very interesting is the talks with project leaders, community
members and developers from different cultures. 

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