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If I Had $1,000,000

Posted by editor on June 17, 2008 at 6:03 AM PDT

...then I might be able to get my app on a phone.

At the Mobile and Embedded Developer Days, we heard a lot about different roadblocks that make it difficult, sometimes impossible, to develop Java ME applications and deploy them to real-world devices. On the one hand, there are the many incompatibilities between devices, or even between the capabilities of the same device running on different carriers' networks. Beyond that, there is an even greater challenge presented by the seeming unwillingness of handset makers and carriers to allow third-party applications on their devices and networks. As I recall someone grumbling on a forum years ago, the carriers "can't stand the thought of someone making a buck on their network if they don't get 99 cents of it."

However, a day of reckoning may be at hand. Surely some of this has to do with rival devices and platforms, like Android and the iPhone, the latter of which has logged 250,000 downloads of its SDK and 25,000 applications to its paid developer program, all in less than three months. But there's another form of pressure being applied to the carriers' lock-down of their mobile networks.

As Terrence