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Announcing JSFOne

Posted by kito75 on June 17, 2008 at 11:07 AM PDT

I'm very excited to announce the JSFOne conference, which I'll be hosting along with the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposiums. Jay Zimmerman (the NFJS organizer) and I have been talking about this for at least a year or two, and the time has finally come.

I think we've truly put together an excellent lineup of speakers who are deep into JSF: Ed Burns, David Geary, Keith Donald, Chris Schalk, Michael Yaun, Ed Burns, Max Katz, Ted Goddard, Jeremy Grelle, Stan Silvert, myself, and others.

The conference is tailored for application developers, solution architects, and project managers who develop applications with JavaServer Faces, Seam, Spring, and related technologies. Key topics include:

* JSF 2.0
* Facelets
* Spring integration
* Seam
* iPhone
* Google API integration
* Writing custom components
* Sripting JSF
* Portlet development
* Testing
* Component suites like RichFaces, ICEfaces, and others

The conference will also be running in conjunction with The Rich Web Experience East -- you get two shows for the price of one. The Rich Web Experience is a one-shop-stop for all things related to Ajax, RIAs, and the evolution of the browser.

If this sounds interesting, you should definitely join us at JSFOne this September 4th-6th in the Washington, DC area! (We're also giving away new iPhones, too.)

Also, stay tuned to JSFCentral for new content from our speakers.

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This is great stuff Kito! Wish I could attend the event. Are there any plans to record and set up podcasts of the discussions for those who miss the conference?

Thanks! I'm sure we'll be recording and posting some of the content.

Wow sounds exciting, too bad it's not in Toronto :)

You're right -- it uses the same software as all of the NFJS stuff sites (including the Rich Web Experience and the Spring Experience). JSFCentral is, though.

Can't tell for sure, but it looks like the JSFOne website is not written in JSF