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PHP talk at a Java conference?

Posted by ludo on June 20, 2008 at 8:58 AM PDT


Next week, I'll be in Zurich for the Jazoon
with the GlassFish crew. This is a Java conference, and I'll be talking
about....PHP and OpenSolaris and the OpenSolaris WebStack (Apache,
MySQL, PHP,...). What!!! PHP at a Java conference? Am I crazy?

I hope not. OpenSolaris
is not your father's Solaris. It is something I can
use and it comes with a modern AMP stack. So what is the relationship
with Java then? Well, since I am a GlassFish developer (and NetBeans
developer, and Eclipse developer), I'll be talking about the possible
integrations of the AMP stack and GlassFish:

  • Configuring the OpenSolaris Apache and GlassFish with
    mod_jk to have parts of your Apache web site served with GlassFish
  • Configuring the href="">PHP-Java
    Bridge on OpenSolaris to extend your PHP applications with
    'legacy calls' to Java processing performed under GlassFish
  • Using daily builds of NetBeans 6.5 that have killer support
    • Editing and debugging JavaScript
    • Creating PHP project, editing and debugging PHP files
      with the OpenSolaris AMP stack. Yeahhh! NetBeans can do PHP!
    • Adding jMaki Ajax snippets into PHP projects
    • Using GlassFish V2 and V3 (V3 plugin is *now* part of the
      NetBeans 6.5 builds) Java EE project to demonstrate the PHP-Java

href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 160px; height: 64px;"
  And on Monday, we will host a href="">Jazoon
GlassFish day, so if you are around, please stop by
and ask as many crazy questions you want. The GlassFish team will be
there and well represented. Thanks Alexis for organizing this GlassFish

Next stop will be Ajaccio and Britany, but definitely not for work:-)


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The PHP-Java bridge isn't the only PHP game in Javaland. Caucho's server, Resin, includes a PHP compiler that converts PHP scripts to JSP. The Quercus module is a PHP interpreter also created by Caucho, it isn't bundled inside their server but a separate module, and I've heard it can be run inside Glassfish.

Re quercus, you are correct: I was the one way back then to try it with GlassFish, and it works pretty well:-) Quercus is a PHP interpreter on top of the JVM, but I see more a trend of people/customers not asking for PHP on top of the VM, but really calling Java from PHP, using the native PHP engine running with Apache. There are still native PHP libraries that cannot run on top of Caucho. Many (vast majority?) of PHP deployments are not ready to switch to a full JVM based solution. There is also another bridge from Zend, but is is a $pay$ for product,