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Most detailed JSF 2.0 reader: Manfred Riem

Posted by edburns on June 20, 2008 at 10:01 AM PDT

At JavaOne 2006, Dennis
shared with me an intimate fact that I'll now share with you:
his Christmas 2005 wishlist included "a bound printout of the JSF 1.2
spec". He got his wish and went on to become a star committer to the
MyFaces project. Dennis certainly gets the "most touching reading of
the JSF spec" award. However, the award for "most detailed reading of
the JSF spec" clearly goes to Manfred Riem, creator of the href="">Manor 'n Rock JSF
Components . Mr. Riem read the spec with a fine toothed comb and
filed 50 issues in the issue tracker! Thanks Manfred. I
owe it to you to fix every one.

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