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New Address

Posted by gsporar on June 24, 2008 at 2:40 PM PDT

How many weblogs does one person need? Blogging at has been great, but I am moving my blogging activity. Check out this post for more info. and please update your RSS readers. Thanks.


Hello Mr. Sporar, I am a sutdent at CIU(Cyprus International University). I have a term project on java.In this project, the users should connect GPRS by their phone. And they can do their applications. The project is about Smart House simulation. They can turn the lights on or off. After a little search on the internet I saw your tutorial about Netbeans Mobility. The title of this is "Visual Mobile Designer and Web Services in NetBeans IDE 6.0" .I download the NetBeans I implement the what you show but I faced a problem "WSDL". I dont know anything about WSDL or XML (I know something but not enough). In the beginning of this project , I created a database and I implement a JFrame application on Eclipse that connects to database and retreiving data from my localhost. It successfully works.. But I could not find a solution for mobile system. I have to use java for this project. Now, Would you like help me about this subject??? And would you like to send me that wsdl file for an example?? And one more question... I can retreive data by this mobile system from mysql database??? And send also..... Thank you for wasting time for me.. Thanks & Regards, Tansu USLU..

Hi Gregg, I am new to CVS & Net Beans. I have set up CVSNT and we are going to use Net Beans only for development work. I am facing some problem in importing the existing code into CVS repository. Whenever I try to import the directory structure into the repository, I notice that empty direectories are not getting imported. Can you please provide me some help in this regard? Thanks & Regards, Gaurav E-mail: