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Configuring Eclipse TPTP (a.k.a PQP) profiler on Linux

Posted by felipeal on June 26, 2008 at 7:23 PM PDT

After struggling for weeks and almost giving up, I finally managed to have the Eclipse TPTP profiler working on my Ubuntu 64bits box!

As this was a painful and unbelievably hard experience (because of Eclipse TPTP, not Ubuntu/Linux, BTW), I'm going to share a few tips here.

First of all, this is going to be a quick and dirty blog. I don't have the time, patience, or motivation to do a detailed step-by-step tutorial - there are plenty available (Got google?). The problem is, you follow them and something just is not there or does not work, then you got stuck - the idea here is to provide clues on why you got stuck and how to get going.

So, let's assume you installed TPTP and try to profile a web application (which is already configured and can be ran as 'Run As -> Run on Server'). You right-click in the project, do a 'Profile As -> Profile on Server') and then... nothing. No exception, no error, no frogs failing from sky, nothing. Actually, there is one symptom: the monitor dialog opens, but empty.

I knew from previous (and frustrated) attempts that the profiler needs to run an agent (which is OS-specific) and if the agent is not running, it pops up an error message (stating that the agent is not running - when I first got that message a few weeks ago, I google for it and figure that out). As the message didn't pop up this time, I figured some exception has been just ignored by Eclipse's UI, so I decide to do a tail -f on the .log file (located on WORKSPACE_DIR/.metadata), and bingo: got a message saying that the script could not be executed. (PS: I don't have the log messages anymore, so I won't be able to copy and paste the exact message).

I will ignore for now the fact that when you download a linux tarball the proper files necessary to run the application should have all necessary executable bits turned on and jump to the point where I had to cd to
ECLIPSE_INSTALL/plugins/ and do a 'chmod +x *'. Once I did it, I tried to run again and got:

[: 46: ==: unexpected operator

Looking at those lines, I found some marvels of modern shell spripting:

if [ x$TEMP == x ]; then
export TEMP=/tmp

As a lazy bum with a 10GB /tmp partition, I just commented it to:

#if [ x$TEMP == x ]; then
export TEMP=/tmp

Running it again, I got a new error now, something like (again, I don't have the output anymore):

ACServer: error while loading shared libraries: ../lib/ short file

Sounded weird, so I decided to take a look on that file:

# file ../lib/

Very nice: not only the files on bin are not executable, but the libraries that should be a symbolic link are text files which the name of the real libraries! Never saw such think, whoever did that deserves a Duke Award! Specially because I could fix it with a quick shell command:

for i in `file *|grep  -i ascii|cut -f 1 -d : `; do new=`cat $i`; rm $i ;ln -s $new $i; done

Now that I fixed the broken files provided in the tarball, I got an 'easy' problem:

# ./
ACServer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

After I couple of minutes googleing and apt-cache searching:

# sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

And now:

# ./
Starting Agent Controller.
ACServer started successfully.

# ./
Shutting down the Agent Controller...
ACServer stopped.

In other words, at this point I knew the non-java (the agent) part of the profiler will work, so I could try it again in the UI (notice that the only Ubuntu-specific issue here was the missing libstdc++5; all the rest was bad packaging by the PTPT project).

Back to Eclipse, I did the "Profile As" again, and... nothing. I mean, know I saw same status bar messages saying the profiler received events and such, and a 'ps -aef|grep AC' shows the agent running. But I couldn't figure out how to get the results in real time (I could export a report in HTML, which is not useful for the kind of profiling I was going to do). After googleing around, it looked like I should be able to right click the profiler elements in the Monitor view and select a 'Opening With -> Execution Statistics' editor (see? I'm even using the correct Eclipse terms at this point :-). But looks like the bastard is not available, even though when I installed the TPTP/Web project I select the option to install all the dependencies.

At this point, I thought that the only plausible issue was some missing plugin to visualize the results. I triggered the Eclipse update panel again and expanded all TPTP options to see if I found something with a reasonable name that could solve the issue... and nothing. So, as a last and desperate resource, I decided to install all remaining TPTP plugins (including some BIRT stuff), and... voil

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Excelente post. Estou tentando fazer exatamente a mesma coisa e o shell script ajudou bastante. Deu a mensagem que o AC esta de pé. Infelizmente ainda nao estou conseguindo conectar na maquina. No profile do eclipse, na hora de testar a conexão da ok, mas nao aparece opcao de selecionar agente algum e da o seguinte erro no eclipse: org.eclipse.tptp.platform.execution.exceptions.AgentControllerUnavailableException: Error: Unable to connect to the Agent Controller.Read timed out at org.eclipse.tptp.platform.execution.client.core.internal.NodeImpl.connect( at org.eclipse.tptp.platform.execution.util.internal.AgentControllerFactory$ at Source). Voce saberia o que pode ser? Obrigado.


Sure, they are stored in a magic hat, and when you try to access then, they are magically redirected to the real destination. I guess the TPTP packager is not a real magician...

"Very nice: not only the files on bin are not executable, but the libraries that should be a symbolic link are text files which the name of the real libraries!" You do know how symbolic links are stored, right?