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Source of BGGA prototype available

Posted by forax on July 5, 2008 at 3:37 AM PDT

After being frozen more than 3 months,
the BGGA closure dev is resumed,
the sources of the BGGA prototype have been pushed 3 hours ago
by Neal Gafter.

The sources are available in the closure workspace:

Troll: I think it's time to reconsider the syntax to be less
alien or from

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It's sad how we are now so über careful and defensive that we have to attach troll disclaimers on everything because we happen to hold an opinion. Which syntax would you prefer?

mrmorris, i've written that last sentence to force myself to write a blog entry about that.
Update: Alternative syntax for BGGA closure:


This closure thing has been dragged far too long to the detrimental of Java's innovativeness. There always be pro and con of various approach in closure and no single approach dominates. It really depends on the ultimate objective of the closure. Do it want flexibility or ease of use ? There are two camps of supporters who prefer either flexibility or ease of use. For one, I prefer BGGA. But no matter what approach is used, may the committee consider a deadline for final decision rather than keep dragging it, after all Java developers will eventually learn to live with whatever approach in the end. I think it is a waste of effort and resource to debate over the approaches. No doubt that the design closure will have lifetime impact on Java but let takes a leap of faith to put a final decision over closure approach and get down to rest of issues other than closure. Other languages are catching up fast because they do not end up been over-agnostic about the language features. They just make a choice, give a deadline and stick with it. I fear that the committe has been too bureacratic and that might hinder the growth of Java. A decisive leadership will be much appreciated.