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Never Ending Math Equation

Posted by editor on July 21, 2008 at 4:36 AM PDT

Lots of Insane Stupid Parentheses

Do they still teach LISP in college? I always appreciated how profoundly different a mindset you needed to have to use LISP effectively. It's all about structure and recursion, traits that have always stood in stark opposition to the straight-ahead program flow of C and the various curly-brace languages it spawned. But there are some problems for which LISP's way of thinking is quite elegant, and curly-brace languages less so.

In a new InfoQ article, Per Jacobsson begins Exploring LISP on the JVM.

"So what makes Lisp worth looking at? For one thing, this fifty-year-old language has been the catalyst of many ideas we take for granted today. The if-then-else construct originally came out of Lisp, as did early attempts at object-orientation and automatic memory management with garbage collection. Lexical closures -- a hot topic for Java programmers right now -- were first explored in Lisp back in the seventies. And beyond that, Lisp still has many other unique features that other languages have yet to adopt, the kind of good ideas that are bound to make a comeback in the future."

Also in Java Today,
Bill Shannon has announced a new GlassFish Architecture Mailing List. "The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss architectural issues for GlassFish. [...] I've asked the existing GlassFish architecture team to move all discussions to this new mailing list. I'm looking forward to participation from many of you as well!"

The latest edition, issue 175 of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, with tool-related news from around the net, new projects in the community, one new graduation from the incubator (MathRider), and a Tool Tip on Twitting your project.

In today's Weblogs.
Carol McDonald offers an
Example using jMaki and RESTful Web Services.
"This Sample Catalog app demonstrates a RESTful Web Service, coded using JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services and the Java Persistence API, and a jMaki client which gets and displays the Web Service responses in a dynamic Ajax table."

David Herron says the effort to pull in BSD Java is
Getting closer... "We've been working legal ropes for awhile to get this result: Sun Approved: Merge from BSD Java to OpenJDK. There was a funky little legal snarl in that the BSD Java team has been working on Java ports to xyzzyBSD for years but it was under the JRL or SCSL license and they couldn't directly offer their changes to the OpenJDK project."

Finally, Arun Gupta offers GlassFish @ Utah JUG Summer 2008 - Trip Report. "I presented on GlassFish at Utah JUG yesterday, href="">slides
are available. The topic provided insight into href="">GlassFish v2,
the current production version, and href="">GlassFish v3
- the upcoming modular, embeddable & extensible
version. The slides have data on leading adoption indicators on how
GlassFish momentum. There were close to 100 attendees and the href="">list of
sponsors is certainly impressive."

This week's Spotlight is on the UISpec4j project, which offers a functional/unit testing library for Swing-based applications. "UISpec4J was conceived in an Extreme Programming environment, where automated testing takes a central place. The existing Swing-based testing frameworks did expose too much of the Swing APIs, resulting in arcane and unmaintainable test classes. This is why we decided to implement a set of wrappers, trying to make our tests as close as possible to human-readable text. Our ultimate goal is to allow tests written with UISpec4J to become the actual detailed specification of an application."

In today's Forums, kumarjayanti explains a VM-specific problem in
Re: AIX: XWSS ClassDefNotFound:.
"Yes, unfortunately the sun SAAJ API has dependency on Sun's JAXP implementation. We are considering a rewrite/restructuring of SAAJ, but it is a lower priority item for us right now. The latest error you are seeing is becuase IBM JDK does not seem to support the particular Alogrithm. Try changing the Algorithm that you are trying to use. Try using AES algorithms becuase we know from our testing that those are supported on IBM JDK."

Tim Boudreau warns against a tree-table approach for editable components in
Re: JXTreeTable: Is this possible? Screenshot attached.
"You're far better off going with live components for this sort of thing - you can create a generic parent panel with an expand/collapse button that shows/hides a sub-panel with the additional contents depending on its state. Otherwise, you'll find you have weird problems with components not behaving quite right."

sfitzjava reiterates a long-time ME complaint in
Re: Anyone developing Java ME on OS X?
"The question that we have asked for years however is why must the Preverifier be a platform specific EXE file, and not just another Java application. This would make it so much easier to build and port the WTK or other mobile tools to Linux and Mac where a sizable portion of developers like to work. It is sad that Unix is the platform which is last to have the WTK ported to if at all, and it is the OS that Sun helped build, and is their hardwares' primary OS."

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Lots of Insane Stupid Parentheses


Apologies for the shameless plug, but, well, those who like do so some Math Equations on the JVM might like to try the freeware Mathnium (, an interpreter written completely in Java with support for Matlab like syntax and a comprehensive library for numerical computing. It also allows existing Java classes to be used very easily in its scripting environment.