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WADL x WSDL (article link)

Posted by felipegaucho on July 22, 2008 at 5:02 AM PDT

Recently I am 100% service oriented, and that's why I am a bit
absent in blogging. More than absent, I am completely focused on my href=''>soap experiment and
I am also researching techniques on how to produce fast and reliable
web-services based on the available technologies (while overcoming
technology specific minor issues).

During my recent studies, I found a brilliant paper out there, it
is called href=''>Definition
Languages for RESTful Web Services: WADL vs. WSDL 2.0. Eventually you
already knew this one, but for me was a novelty that unveiled me the
important differences between WADL and WSDL.

Congratulations to the six authors of this, and I hope you also
enjoy the reading.

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