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Sentilla, AltioLive and LiveScribe: three JavaOne '08 Demos

Posted by hiheiss on July 25, 2008 at 7:06 PM PDT

I finally had a chance to put up three vodcasts I captured of demos from the 2008 JavaOne conference pavilion floor.

Spence Murray, a developer with Sentilla, a company that believes "The World is the Computer," demoed their
new Sentilla developer kit. James Gosling commented on the kits: “If you have a ‘maker’ itch to scratch,
they're selling a cool developer kit.” The kits are among the first ubiquitous computing platforms that are
accessible to a large developer population. Sentilla mote sensors, which got a lot of attention in Gosling's keynote address, were placed throughout Moscone at JavaOne where they tracked arrival times and exits from sessions, room temperatures, carbon dioxide levels, power flows, and more. Sentilla touts these as the world’s smallest computers.

I also talked with Jim Crossley, product manager for Altio, who demo'd the latest version of AltioLive, a
platform for building and deploying rich Internet thin-client applications -- he reminds us that applets are alive and thriving.

I also got to check out LiveScribe's Smartpen - Never Miss a Word - booth demo, a really cool computer in a pen, a device that this writer could put to good use!

If you missed these demos, here's a chance to check 'em out. Would like to know what you think of them too.

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