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Transcript of OpenSolaris Slashdot Chat

Posted by marinasum on June 10, 2009 at 3:28 PM PDT

Have a look at the transcript of the May 28 OpenSolaris live chat, at which several senior OpenSolaris folks answered questions posted by the attendees. Among the questions are—

  • What's the future of Solaris 10?
  • How will OpenSolaris and Solaris coexist in the future?
  • Can I install OpenSolaris without Gnome?
  • What are the virtualization options for OpenSolaris?
  • What is Virtual Wire?
  • Can I migrate from Solaris 10 to OpenSolaris?
  • Will OpenDS replace OpenLDAP in OpenSolaris?

Quite a pool of illuminating Q&As.

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