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Posted by editor on July 30, 2008 at 6:03 AM PDT

Whatever happened to Glossitope?

Anyone remember a year or two ago when we were talking about Josh Marinacci and Robert Cooper's "Glossitope", a Java-based widget engine that aspired to be a cross-platform Dashboard / Yahoo Widgets? Don't go looking too hard for it... the domain lapsed as the guys got busy with other things, and the project was particularly harmed by the long absence of a JDK 6 for Mac OS X, since Glossitope was built for Java 6 and used many of its GUI features.

Still, the idea of a cross-platform widget engine is a good one, so it's not surprising that the idea would find a new home somewhere.

In WidgetFX: Glossitope reinvented, Josh reports:

Earlier this year Stephen Chin emailed me about the AB5k code base, asking if the project was still going. I said no, but that the code was still available for anyone to pick up if they so chose. I also recommend using JavaFX instead of straight Java, since JavaFX has already solved a lot of the problems I was struggling with (like transparent windows and virtualizing components). Thus, Stephen started a new project: WidgetFX: The JavaFX Desktop Widget Platform.

Josh makes the case that JavaFX is a better home for this project, given that it has transparency, a dock, and draggability. And who knows, it might make for a compelling JavaFX showcase.

Also in today's Weblogs, Fabrizio Giudici
says OpenJDK is a very good thing - but you have to test for it. "Even though OpenJDK is guaranteed to be Java, in the sense that it passes the Test Compatibility Kit, if you wish to deploy an application with no Java embedded and you imagine that it could be run with either Sun's JDK/JRE or OpenJDK you have to esplicitly test for both."

Carol McDonald's latest exercise is a Dynamic Ajax table example using dojo and RESTful Web Services on Glassfish
. "This Sample Catalog app demonstrates a RESTful Web Service, coded using JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services (JSR-311) and Java Persistence API, which provides a list of customers, and a Dojo client which gets and displays the Web Service responses in a dynamic Ajax table ( Dojo grid)."

The latest JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is
j1-2k8-mtH01: Dynamic Networks with JBI by Travis Chase. "This mini talk addresses how Glassfish and OpenESB helped solve the problem of connecting disparate, secured networks for the purposes of running an exercise. These networks only allow incoming XMPP traffic to enter their domain. Gestalt’s, now part of Accenture, XMPP Binding Component coordinated a secure VPN to run an exercise. This solution decreased the exercise setup time from months to minutes."

In Java Today,

Joshua Sumali reports on the successful build of VisualVM in IcedTea. "VisualVM, the lightweight profiler and troubleshooting tool is now available to build as part of IcedTea6 for 32 and 64 bit arch :). The whole thing builds from source — NetBeans platform7 and profiler2 (visualvm_preview2), and finally VisualVM 1.0. A binary launcher `jvisualvm` is put in the ${JDK}/bin directory along with the rest of the tools."

The Aquarium has an update on Embedded EJBs: "One of the uses of an API for an embeddable container is testing, and experience shows this can have a huge impact on the development speed, so I'm very pleased to report that the JSR 118 EG, led by Ken, has been addressing this topic. The API provides for creation / releasing of the container via simple EJBContainer ejbC = EJBContainer.createEJBContainer() and ejbC.close(). Ken's Intro Note also hints at more details from further blogs (a portable global JNDI name, for example), so stay tuned."

The latest edition, issue 176, of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, with tool-related news from around the web, new projects and a new graduation (JPA Query Tool [JQT]), and a Tool Tip about string completion on NetBeans.

In today's Forums,
ae6rt announces
A new JXTA book to be published. "A few of us learned out of band about a new JXTA book to be published soon. The author is Jerome Verstrynge; the book: Practical JXTA: Cracking the P2P Puzzle. My understanding is that the book will be out in the next few weeks. Jerome, thank you for the hard work that went into writing this book. The community will no doubt be stronger for it."

Shai Almog explains the cost of font metrics in LWUIT in
Re: TextArea Question.
"There is no way to justify the text in the text area and this probably won't be in a future revision. Text parsing is already VERY slow for even relatively short areas and adding features there will make it REALLY slow... The main problem here is the native device fonts which are required for i18n in text areas and are just remarkably slow, we will need charWidths() to be of very fast performance to support something like that and the calculations for this sort of feature would be rather complex."

jackmason wants to know what's up with
SwingX Licensing. "Hi SwingX-ers, I've been looking through the code you guys/girls have developed and it's pretty mind-blowing stuff. Excellent work. However, I have hit a point of confusion: licensing. Several items of source code explicitly define LGPL and BSD, where other files define no licensing at all. I've checked through the CVS and discovered some of the files actually had the licensing information removed. Your website claims the code is open source and free to use (i.e., but still, I'm a little concerned as to why licensing information has been explicitly removed if this is the case."

Finally, davjoh answers yesterday's question
Re: Firing up another midlet from running midlet.
"You can try doing Push Registration by modifying the JAD file to add a MIDlet-Push attribute, thus not having to modify any of your pre-packaged application code/binaries. The phone's Application Management System should then register the push connection to fire up your pushed MIDlet. The timer could work, but is it possible to use a socket connection to loopback to a different port to initiate a push? I have a feeling trying to go to localhost:xxxx might not work though. I've not tried it myself, but I'm not sure how this would affect your 'root' MIDlet. Perhaps the push causes your running MIDlet to go into a paused state."

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Whatever happened to Glossitope?