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Got a gripe with Servlet? Let's hear it!

Posted by edburns on August 6, 2008 at 7:59 AM PDT

Taking a cue from the href="">success
of the community that has grown up around the href="">JSF IRC
channel, my colleague and friend href="">Rajiv Mordani has created
an IRC channel for the entire Glassfish WebTier, on freenode. To access
the channel, follow the instructions for the JSF irc
but use #glassfish-webtier as the channel name,
instead of ##jsf.

Here's an inside tip: Rajiv is also the spec lead for href="">Servlet 3.0. If you have
any gripes or feature requests for Servlet 3.0, Rajiv himself can often
be found on the channel.

I'll be there to, and I hope to see you there!

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great. is there already a proposed API ?

mwessendorf: Yes we have it in the plan to include a standard API for upload. - Rajiv

The irc channel is not just for servlet but all of the GlassFish webtier including scripting. Yes definitely bring any servlet issues there too though and I will be there to answer any questions. Thanks - Rajiv

will a standard api for upload be in there ? currently all the (jsf) frameworks do it on their own... which is totally incompatible... even in JSF land... all libs do it on their own...

ok, the "addFilter/addServlet" API I now found in the draft's javadoc

Ah, forgot. Any standard API for adding servlet / filters when doing startup or even inside the request listener ?