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Brainstorming, italian style

Posted by fabriziogiudici on August 12, 2008 at 3:23 AM PDT

While I should be officially on vacation since ten days, some job troubles have pursued me for a few days. Nevertheless, working in an enjoyable environment definitely boosts your productivity. In these days I'm pushing hard on fixing bugs and closing some tests for the next release of blueMarine (for instance, I've solved some problems with OpenJDK), but of course I'm also working on some future features. If you frequently read my blog, you know that blueMarine will include some semantic web technologies, and at the moment I'm just anticipating that Sommer is being included into it. What is Sommer? Quoting Henry Story, its author:

So(m)mer is designed to plays a similar role for the semantic web that Hibernate plays for relational databases. So when relational databases feel too constraining, and you need an open database that spans the world, the semantic web is for you.

In the short-term, I'm not yet addressing the whole world, but definitely RDF triples will boost cataloguing features of blueMarine.

For the mid-term, yesterday I've spent the whole day brainstorming with Augusto Palombini, an old friend of mine who's archeologist (operating in the broader environment of arts and culture). The brainstorming of course was in my favourite style, that is wandering in Val D'Orcia and having an exquisite meal at a Slow Food restaurant, based on "carpaccio di maremmana al pecorino" and "peposo". BTW, my latest buy, an Asus EEE 900, proved to be very effective in such scenarios, as you can see in the photos.



I've been in the same wonderful places in August 2005! (^-^)

Drool... I've just returned from Brasil... which is pretty darn neat... but I am still intensely jealous. JohnR