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Mobile, Media, and Embedded Developer Days 2008 Call for Papers

Posted by brinkley on August 12, 2008 at 12:56 AM PDT

Last January the Mobile & Embedded Community sponsored the first ever Mobile & Embedded Developer Days. The second of these annual events will be hosted at the Santa Clara Auditorium November 12-13, 2008 and this time we're expanding and renaming the event Mobile, Media & Embedded Developer Days 2008.

The conference is devoted solely to the technologies of mobile , media, and embedded Java platforms and is targeted for application developers of intermediate and advanced skill levels, platform developers, and technical personnel at tool vendors, OEMs and carriers.

Content areas are expected to include the traditional phone and PDAs development on the Java ME platform as well as Media, SunSPOT wireless sensors, Trackbot and Java robotics, and other small Java systems used in machinery and process control but centered around Java, JavaME, and open source aspects of Java. We want this to be a community-driven conference. We are looking forward to your involvement in making this an interesting and interactive event.

The Call for Papers will begin August 12, 2008 and will end September 15, 2008. Registration is expected to be open October 1, 2008. For more information about the conference goto

Presentation Formats

Attendees can expect detailed technical presentations in the following presentations styles:

  • Technical Sessions: Detailed presentations by industry leaders
  • Lightening Talks: 5 to 7 minute soap box or project presentations
  • Poster Presentations: Displays, demos, etc, displayed in the lobby, staffed during breaks and special sessions.
  • Panel Sessions: Panel of industry experts discussing what you wantto know
  • Fishbowl: What conference would be complete without a fishbowlwhere the entire audience gets involved

Paper Submissions

The call for papers is currently open. Fill in the following form and submit your presentation ideas to Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2008

Subject Line:  - <br /><br />Title: <insert your title here><br />Format: <technical session, panel, lightening talk, poster presentation, hands on labs><br />Target Audience: <Intermediate, Advanced><br />Abstract: <keep it short - we all have other jobs><br />Bio: <short biography of the speaker. Web pages, blogs, past speaking, etc>  </code></pre>
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      <p class="submitted">by <em class="author">pwc</em> - <em class="time">2008-09-13 10:28</em></p>
  Title says DeveloperDays 2008.
Do you mean 2009 ?

clicked on Registration and it says conference is over.

But this notice is dated aug 15 2008.
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