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Joining FishCAT

Posted by mriem on August 21, 2008 at 5:00 PM PDT

Note this blog is obsolete, see for the current blog

I am one of the people selected for FishCAT, so let me know what some of the bugs are you think are irritating ;) Or what you think the new version of Glassfish should contain. Or if you already have played around with Glassfish V3 builds, just let me know what worked or did not work for you!

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I opened a new issue at

That makes a perfect issue for Glassfish. Can you submit that at the tracker as another issue? The original issue zooms in to much on a particular subset. If you also use NetBeans you might want to add this issue their too. Let me know once you have entered it and I will add my vote to it.

Actually, the reason for this bug is very simple and the reason is same for most of the java projects that fail on Turkish locale. Turkish language has a unique characteristic. Unlike other languages: i -uppercase-> İ (not I) I -lowercase-> ı (not i) as you can see, there are 4 possibilities in Turkish. ı I i İ ( ) So when there is a character conversion in application code (strings that are invisible to user), applications fail. For example id becomes İD, interceptor becomes İNTERCEPTOR and exceptions occur. This is happening because toLowerCase and toUpperCase methods doesn't enforce a locale argument and because of poor programming discipline, most developers (who are unaware of this issue and expect that uppercase of i same everywhere on the world) don't use these methods with locale arguments. If you want a java programme to run on Turkish locale computers, you must use these two methods with English locale (since java code is always English, this is not a problem) for user invisible strings. As for your question, i think expecting an application server to run properly on any locale is fair. Turkish developers using Microsoft technologies tease java developers by asking them "can you run this java ide/app server without changing os locale?"

Can you write a test case outside of Glassfish to see what exactly is broken? Reading the issue it looks like it is an issue with the Turkish locale. If it is related to the locale then it needs to be addressed in the JDK itself. Of course a work around could be created in Glassfish. Not to be nosy but why do you need the application server itself to run in Turkish?

I think bug 3851 is highly irritating.

A couple demo JavaFX websites included in the initial installation would be nice as a feature :) On a serious note, though, congrats and I look forward to the next release being far more robust due to the CAT sessions.