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Replication in Subversion 1.5

Posted by johnsmart on August 26, 2008 at 2:35 AM PDT

One common requirement when you set up a Subversion repository concerns how it will be backed up. Another involves what happens if the main repository server goes down for some reason. Yet another is about how to deal with teams distributed across large distances or connected with limited networks. Subversion has some interesting solutions to all of these concerns, notably via the svnsync tool, and more recently with a new feature called Write-Through Proxying, that makes setting up distributed repositories much easier.

Earlier on this month I did a short talk at the Wellington JUG about using svnsync and Write-Through Proxying to set up distributed repositories with Subversion. The talk gives an overview of what's involved in setting up repository replication with svnsync, and shows how Write-Through proxying allows you to make life easier for remote developers. Although it doesn't go into too much detail (the Subversion documentation is pretty good), it does give a general idea of how it works. I've posted the slides for this presentation below.