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Remember November

Posted by editor on September 1, 2008 at 7:34 AM PDT

M3DDs coming up sooner than you might think

You know it's September from all the Mailman-powered mailing lists that sent you a reminder today about what lists you're subscribed to and how you can get off of them. Combined with the Labor Day holiday in the US, it's the unofficial End Of Summer (as always, your climate may vary), and time to focus on the last third of the year.

One of the highlights will surely be the second conference assembled by the Mobile & Embedded Community, which has added a topic to become the Java Mobile, Media & Embedded Developer Days, or M3DDs, being held in November. The first conference was a remarkable get-together from across the mobile spectrum, from indie developers to carrier representatives, which opened up a lot of opportunities for discussion. One thing that came out of it was the seeming need for a mobile developers alliance, a bit of unfinished business that may be attended to at this second installment.

Oh, and if you're planning on speaking at the event, you now have two weeks to set your session proposal in.

Given the importance and timeliness of the event, this week's Spotlight is on the second Java Mobile, Media & Embedded Developer Days, being held November 12-13 at Sun's Santa Clara Campus Auditorium. "This conference is devoted solely to the technologies of mobile and embedded Java platforms and will be a unique opportunity for application developers of intermediate and advanced skill levels, platform developers, and technical experts at tool vendors, OEMs and carriers to get introduced to the community, to join in and collaborate." The Call for Papers, announced in Roger Brinkley's blog, is underway now and will end September 15, with conference registration expected to open on October 1.

In Java Today, te latest episode of The Java Posse podcast is an Interview with Kito Mann on JSF and JSFOne. In it, Kito and chats with Dick Wall and Carl Quinn discuss Kito's book JavaServer Faces in Action, and the rapidly-approaching JSFOne conference. They go on to discuss the JSF marketplace, JSF tooling and attempts to standardize it via JSRs, the status of JSF 2.0 as specified by JSR 314, and the various implementations of JSF in projects like Facelets.

A new edition, issue 179 of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, with tool-related news from around the web, announcements of new projects in the community and two graduations from its incubator (Exeine and Mockinject), and a Tool Tip on Groovying in Netbeans.

In a recent SDN article, Carol McDonald and Rick Palkovic show how to combine RESTful Web Services and Comet. In the article, you'll learn how to build a Comet web application with Dojo, Java EE technologies, and GlassFish.

Today's Weblogs begin with a tip from John Ferguson Smart about

Using the Maven Release Plugin
It is an excellent and widely used best practice to tag each of your stable releases in your version control system for future reference. However, this sort of bookkeeping is tedious and error-prone at the best of times. Fortunately, Maven can help.

Patrick Keegan takes the database focus off the server in A Personal Data Storage Application With Embedded Java DB. "Sometimes you might want to create a more portable application that carries its own data with it, such as an application in which a user manages personal data."

Finally, Jitendra Kotamraju explores
Control Over JAXBContext in JAX-WS RI/Metro. "An application can configure its own JAXBRIContext for an endpoint or a proxy and JAX-WS RI runtime uses that context for (un)marshalling, WSDL generation etc."

In today's Forums, lowecg changes the subject a little bit in the thread Re: Start quicker by tuning JVM and javac. "General question - I'm seeing quite a few posts around discussing Java start up times. Does anyone know if there is an official benchmark that can be used to measure start up times for desktop applications, web start apps and applets?"

terrencebarr acks the MIDP 3 delays in
Re: MIDP3 status?. "Yeah, MIDP 3 has been in the works too long. I think part of the problem is that it grew in requirements substantially over time and there were quite a few technical challenges. It defines much improved application management and concurrency, shared libraries, new security model aligned with CDC, the basics of a service framework, inter-midlet communication, and a bunch of other things. Still, it took too long IMO (release early, release often ...)."

Finally, oliverdb posts a feature request for the Scene Graph project in
(Wish) Timeline query. "In our recent project we had some advanced animation requiring that we constructed ad-hoc timelines. The timelines consisted of 2 to 5 Clips and our main problem was that these Clips was delivered from different parts of the game, and put together in a central class. What we need was some way to query the animations or rather query the schedule to find the latest animation and add new animations from where is left off."

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M3DDs coming up sooner than you might think