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Growing the latest baby of the family: Grizzly 2.0 jars' snapshot now available!

Posted by jfarcand on September 4, 2008 at 10:07 AM PDT

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Do you have a grizzly-http 2.0 yet? The stuff in svn/2dot0 is still referencing 1.9

Not yet. We are planning to re design from zero that module. The goal is to have it end of December, maybe earlier. Thanks!!

Hum, can you try a more recent v3 build to see if you still get the 100% CPU? Grizzly on Jetty is also an alternative, but I think the current v3 is quite stable. Please follow the discussion on (if you can :-)). Thanks Jeanfrancois

Hi Jean-Francois -- we're big fans of your work on grizzly here at work. I was wondering if you could offer some advice -- we're having stability issues with the newest glassfish v3tp2 (it sometimes takes up 100% cpu). Is running grizzly on Jetty technically more stable for now? Do your recommend this?