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SwingX 0.9.4 Released

Posted by rah003 on September 13, 2008 at 11:12 PM PDT

Finally, after having to wait for few more weeks then originally planned, SwingX-0.9.4 is released. The main changes in this version were previously announced cleanup of the API, added switch to completely disable caps lock detection in LoginPane and about 45 bug fixes. Read the release notes to see complete list of resolved issues before downloading the release from SwingLabs website.

The SwingX team would also like to thank to everybody who reported or voted on issues and/or provided patches for issues. Your continuing interest helps us to make SwingX better.

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Well I certainly hope that the 1.0 release will not be the "final" release of SwingX :) There is a bunch of issues that should be solved before release 1.0 to make the release worth of being called 1.0. Sooner those issues are solved the sooner we release 1.0 All contributors on the project are just freely contributing the code and fixes as they have time, so it is not really possible to set the fixed date for the release. Hint: contributing the bugfixes to the issues you can and are able to solve would certainly shorten the time frame for releasing 1.0 ;)

It is great work. Is there a timeline for 1.0 release ? A final release will definitely boost its uptake. Many libraries tend to be beta for far too long, and in the end, developers just move on.

Thanks for kind words :) For maven artifacts see

Great job, can't wait for the 1.0. Swingx is what is keeping Swing alive! Kudos for all the Swingx contributors.

Very Good News ! Where to find the Maven Artifacts ?