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Posted by editor on September 17, 2008 at 4:07 AM PDT

JXTA Community asked to set the roadmap

The JXTA Community is being asked to help set the agenda and time table for the next version of JXTA for Java SE (JXSE). In the forum post JXTA Community - we need your help and feedback for next JXSE releases, Fabrice Di Meglio writes:

You should probably be aware that Sun is looking for increasing the JXTA Community participation since the last Board of Director elections.

In the past weeks, I had some phone talks with Bernard Traversa (JXTA Technical Lead), Mike "Bondolo" Duigou (previous JXSE release lead), Vanessa Williams and Mark Petrovic (newly elected JXTA Board members) about this subject and Sun confirmed that they want to help the JXTA Community decide what to put into a JXTA JXSE release and define its release date.

As you may remember, the current JXTA J2SE version 2.5, named "Turduken" was released in November 2007 which is nearly already one year ago. Moreover, there is currently no real plan defined for the next release.

Fabrice puts forward two main options:

1) Release the current trunk (seed for the 2.5+ release named "Cassoulet") as it is before end of November 2008. This current trunk contains nice improvements compared to 2.5.

2) Wait a bit more (January / February 2009) to get more bug fixes and new features. In that case we will need to define which bugs must be fixed and the features which will be implemented. Completing these tasks will depend upon contributions from the JXTA Community.

This is an inspiring and encouraging bit of outreach, and hopefully the JXTA community will respond to this remarkable opportunity to help set their own schedule and agenda for the next few months.

Also in today's Forums, kirillcool notices some possibly-related rendering problems, as described in Re: [JAVA2D] Native text rasterizer and translucent graphics. "Allow me to reopen this discussion. It looks like there are a lot of bug reports being marked as fixed and those reports sound very similar to the question that i had on Windows native rasterizer and translucent composites. Specifically, i saw 6749069, 6728834 and 6749060. Has this limitation been revisited? Does b32 (or the final planned 6u10) use native rasterizer for translucent target destination?"

jezzbel would like to create a LWUIT SubMenu. "Hello, is it possible to create a sub menu like the one when one picks a "qwerty" option from the Menu and the original doesn't disappear and another one is being showed. I would like to do the same: add a command which opens a sub menu. I don't want to do this on Forms (like the example from blog) but with the built in menu form Textbox."

Speaking of LWUIT, in Java Today,
Shai Almog is beginning a new LWUIT series by taking inspiration from Kirill Grouchnikov's From Photoshop to Code series and emulating its presentation on Java ME. In Cooking With LWUIT Preview, he writes, "unlike Kirill's series which deals with replicating 1 to 1 the photoshop design, this series is geared towards adapting an existing design used in applications or websites in order to move it to the cellular environment. I will write more about this in the next post and explain some of what I did but for now enjoy the teasers, a screenshot of the cookbook UI in LWUIT and the original cookbook image."

The Aquarium points out that the JSR 314 expert group has released the second early draft for JavaServer Faces 2.0 (Download). "This version includes Section 13.3 on JavaScript API (thanks for the tip, Roger), as well as Section 3.6 on Composite UI Components (see the Enterprise Tips on this feature: Part I and Part II)."

The SDN kicks off a short series of Blu-Ray Disc Java tutorials in Blu-ray Disc Application Development with Java ME, Part 1: Creating Your First Application. "Java technology is a critical part of the new high-definition video standard, the Blu-ray Disc standard. In this two-part series, we're going to cover several aspects of using the Java language to create applications for your Blu-ray disc player, which includes the very popular PlayStation 3 gaming console."

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 57: Shawn Fitzgerald and Microbus project. Shawn Fitzgerald, a regular participant in the Mobile & Embedded forums, talks about mobile development and the Microbus project.
by Daniel H. Steinberg

In today's Weblogs, Cay Horstmann announces a new study aid / "cheat sheet" that he's contributed to, in JSF Refcard available. "This refcard describes the JSF development process, standard JSF tags, the JSF expression language, and the faces-config.xml configuration file."

Ed Burns notices
Apple Using JSF for online rebate system. "I share a tip from Matthias Wessendorf that Apple is using JSF for its online rebate system."

Finally, M. Jeff Wilson continues his GWT series in Exploring GWT 2: Properties and Binding. "In this post, I talk about some of the other solutions to the lack of property binding in GWT."

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JXTA Community asked to set the roadmap