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Free book PDF download: JSF Jumpstarter

Posted by johnsmart on September 17, 2008 at 3:53 PM PDT

The JSF Jumpstarter book is a short (67 pages), tutorial introduction to JSF, suitable for new JSF developers. If you need to get up to speed quickly with JSF, this book may be able to help you.

The good news is, this book has now been released into the public domain - in other words, you can now download it for free!

In a short 65 pages, this book teaches you how to build dynamic web sites in Java using JavaServer Faces, using a hands-on, practical approach. Little or no prior experience in web development is necessary (though a bit of Java knowledge would help). Using an easy-to-follow, tutorial style, you will learn how to use JavaServer Faces to build real-world Java web applications, including screens, navigation and business logic. Along the way, you will learn the key concepts behind JavaServer Faces.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Use the powerful and (soon-to-be) open source Exadel Studio Pro development environment to build your web sites quickly and easily
  • Construct JSF-based web pages with ease using the Exadel WISIWIG editors
  • Build, deploy, test and debug your JSF applications from within your development environment
  • And more!

You will also learn plenty of valuable real-world tips-and-tricks and best practices in the fine art of JavaServer Faces development.

"Best development course I have been on in a very long time...Greatly enjoyed the course...A 'must' course for serious Java developers..." - Read what people are saying about the Java Power Tools Bootcamps.


I don't think so - seems to work now in any case - could you retry?

the download link is broken ?

JSF is not my favorite view technology by a long shot, though it does have a rich set of reusable components that can make life a bit simpler. Personally, I would prefer to use Spring-MVC (with the Spring 2.5 annotations) for the pure Java approach, or something like Grails for the more adventurous ;-). But you don't always have a choice, and there are still many places out there that use JSF (hey, there are still places standardizing on Struts!). Anyway, if your organization does use JSF, maybe this tutorial can help you get up and running.

I went through the book, and from it JSF seems like yesterday's technology today. The main problem in web development is heterogeneity of languages/technologies. One would have hoped that by now someone would have designed a framework wherein one does not have to deal with multiple tagged files and configuration files and bean files all with different syntactical structures. Obviously we are still in the middle ages.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I tried to do all that. I still do not see the installer. But the worst thing is that after I linked manually Eclipse to Exadel and even after I applied the ExadelStudioProTrialExtendPatch it still says "Evaluation period expired". Anyway, this is probably no longer an option: even if I get through it and achieve extension, the license will expire in the end of the year (at least that is what they write on the Exadel web site). So it probably makes not worth learning; better to learn use JSF without all these tools.

Exadel Pro studio has been integrated into JBoss Developer Studio (, which, unfortunately, is released as a subscription-based product. You can still download the original version (which also comes with a Windows installer), though you have to apply a patch to extend the trial period. See for more details.

I tried to follow the book, but it seems lots of things are already different. I found the older 3.2.2 version of Eclipse, which should be compatible with Exadel (although current Eclipse is already 3.4.1). I downloaded ExadelStudioPro 4.0.4b, but didn't see any sign of installer (I guess Fig. 1 in the book); don't understand what means start Exlipse from the Exadel menu (section 2.1) after I did some manual installation following recommendations on Exadel site and still got to Fig. 6 screen , I got the message "Evaluation expired". After I again followed their recommendations, how to overcome this (replaced web.jar) it still says "Evaluation expired". Maybe you have some tips how to set up the environment in the current situation or maybe I should download Exadel from different place?