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GlassFish @ DF JUG in Brasilia

Posted by arungupta on September 24, 2008 at 4:09 AM PDT

Started San Francisco 2 days back, through Washington Dulles, with a
stop over @ Rio de Janeiro and finally arrived Brasilia yesterday.
The local airlines (TAM) from Rio to Brasilia offered a nice sandwich
where as any meal need to be bought during domestic travel in US (even
if it's across the continent). So that was a nice experience!

Daniel deOliveira
, a href="">Java
Champion and DF
(oldest & biggest with 33,000 member
Java User Group) founder and leader picked me up at the airport. He
true welcoming spirit by taking me around the city and showing the key
places. And again he volunteered to take me to the venue of JUG. It was
pretty impressive to know that he teaches Java to deaf and blind as
part of social responsiblity program in his company. At the JUG venue,
I met Fernando
- Architect of Solutions of Directory of Solutions @ href="">Politec,
a href="">Java
Champion, DFJUG Moderator, and an avid href="">NetBeans
user, mostly the
mobile part. And when in Brazil, you need to drink coffee and that's
what he offered! And finally met href="">Mauricio Leal
(SDN Program
Manager for Latin America) who is coordinating my visits. I've
been talking to Mauricio for past few days and it was great to meet him
in person.

src=""> Back
to the JUG, I presented on "GlassFish: The Best Open Source
Application Server" and the slides are available href="">here.

Do you know Brazilian
government mandates
usage of only open-source software
? href="">GlassFish is an 100%
open-source and href="">commercially
supported enterprise Application Server. So drop a
comment on this blog if you are aware of an opportunity for GlassFish.

There were 130 attendees but strangely not even a single question.
That's not the kind of audience I expected ;) But I don't feel
disappointed because there were no questions during Mauricio's preso
(who speaks local language) and other English-speaking presenters. The
translators did a tremendous job by matching pace of all the
presenters.  Doris
presented on Grizzly Comet and href="">Simon
on JavaFX.

A few more JUGs are scheduled so hopefully I'll see
some interaction going. The true spirit was quite evident when
tee-shirts and
other goodies were thrown to the audience, always a hit! I was also
truly impressed by the audience staying from 7-11pm, and that too
without any food or drink ;-)

Check out some pictures:

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The evening ended with a late night dinner at href="">Fogo
de Chao. I was quite surprised that the dinner was still open
at 11:15pm in the night, this is quite unlike San Francisco Bay Area
where typically last dinner entry is taken at 9:30pm! The food was good
and the highlight was luscious mango.

Drop a comment if you attended the talk and liked (or did not) it :)

Here is the complete album so far:

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