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Hudson 1.253 release

Posted by kohsuke on September 25, 2008 at 2:48 PM PDT

Since I only had limited connectivity while I was on the road, I refrained from making a release for the past 2 weeks. The end result is that this 1.253 release contains two weeks worth of changes, making it a biggest Hudson release in recent years.

Some of the work went into internal changes and new extension points, which users won't see immediately until some plugins start taking advantages of them, but some of the other changes should be useful for users.

One of them is the new execution mode for the slave agent, designed preliminary for Windows systems. The problem that often people had with Windows slaves is that they want to run the slave agent as a Windows service (so that you can get them running as soon as the machine boots), but doing required some trick to make a JNLP slave agent (which requires GUI) to run without GUI.

Starting this release, you can start:

java -jar slave.jar -jnlpUrl http://server/hudson/computer/SLAVENAME/slave-agent.jnlp

... and it will run headlessly. More discussion about this is in here.

I'm also experimenting with the automated Windows service installation (along with sending messages to the event log), so that Hudson can be more easily installed on Windows.

Another feature that should be of interest is the support of a file as a parameterized build. With this, you can parameterize your build, and require the user to submit files for executing a build. This can be used, for example, to execute tests on arbitrary builds of your project.

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Jerome Lacoste pointed me toward this , which shows an interesting history of JSW licenses. This seems to imply that some earlier version of JSW can be used under a different license. JSW is no longer interesting for me, but for those of you who are thinking about what to use, I suppose this could be one of the options.

The problem with Java Service Wrapper is that it's GPL, making it impossible for Hudson with the MIT license to use it.

You should think about "Java Service Wrapper" for "Automated Windows service installation" , just like activemq release.

"I'm also experimenting with the automated Windows service installation" That will get you a lot more windows users than you have now. Which is good in a nice sense as well as probably more dumber users than you get usually :-)

Shouldn't the second link be that one : ?

It goes both ways. First there's bundling issue, then there's calling into JSW for query, installation, etc. And from the JSW website it's clear that authors only intend to allow this license for open-source projects, whereas MIT license allows people to develop closed-source products, for example.

> Java Service Wrapper is [...] GPL, making it impossible for Hudson with the MIT license to use it. Wouldn't it be the other way around ? I.e. the JSW calling hudson at runtime ? In which way the license issues might be less problematic.