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Installing Hudson on Windows just got even easier

Posted by kohsuke on September 27, 2008 at 12:57 PM PDT

On most Unix systems, installing Hudson as a daemon is a rather simple process. This is particularly true with Unix with a decent packaging system (for example, on OpenSolaris, it's almost as easy as "pkg install hudson".) Unfortunately, Windows make it very hard to run an ordinary program as a service, so Erik had to write a rather long description of how to achieve this.

In Hudson 1.254, I implemented a new feature so that Hudson can install itself as a Windows service with a few mouse clicks, complete with a restart of Hudson. See the "Install as Windows Service" link below, which is the entry point to this feature:

And now in 1.255, you can do the same thing with slave agents (which is a small program you need to run on machines that participate in the Hudson build cluster.) This feature is accessible from the JNLP slave agent menu item, as shown below:

The complete documentation with a bunch of screenshots are available in the website.

So with this, using Hudson on Windows or adding Windows to your build cluster got even easier!

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This doesn't work:

Will Hudson automatically upgrade the JNLP agent on the Windows slaves when a new version is available from the Hudson server? I know for regular (non-JNLP) slaves, you must manually (I wrote a script that upgrades on slave startup) the slaves.