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Developing a Personal Data Storage Application with Java DB

Posted by mortazavi on September 29, 2008 at 2:36 PM PDT

Patrick Keegan describes how to use Java DB and Netbeans to create a personal data storage application using java DB and NetBeans.

(Java DB is Sun's distribution of Apache Derby.)


I don't think much harm is done doing it this way. Part of blogging is to blog what we find to be interesting, and doing so spontaneously. And, no, this is not about giving one-liner links. Each one has a flavor of its own and will be discovered under a different search criteria. One entry points to a blog entry about configuration. Another points to a blog entry about Java DB usage under NetBeans.

Can't we just have one "links of the day" entry? The last three entries are just one-liners that point to the corresponding blogs, not adding any new content.