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Kohsuke traveling to Japan

Posted by kohsuke on October 2, 2008 at 2:39 PM PDT

Somehow this fall became a travel season for me. Just a couple of weeks after my trip to Brazil, I'll be travelling to Tokyo for two weeks.

One nice thing about Tokyo is that it's such a huge city with a lot of actions that I can meet with a lot of people and visit their companies without ever leaving to another city. So in a relatively short amount of time, I can do a lot. Obviously, me being a Japanese helps a lot :-)

I'll be speaking at a "cross-community conference" organized by Japan JUG (I'm quite humbled that they gave me a keynote opportunity), meeting with various folks I knew through Hudson, GlassFish, and so on.
My friendly colleages at Sun Japan have also kindly arranged additional meetings, seminars and etc. And I should have some extra time to get in touch with my old friends and colleagues.

Just about the only downside is that between the actual visits and preparation, I get less time for coding and user support. So if you post some questions to the Hudson list and wondering why I'm not replying, just give me a few more weeks.

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I'll be doing all the talks in Japanese. I have to use Japanese every once in a while, you know :-)

Tokoro de, keynote speech o nihongo de agemasu ka, eigo de agemasu ka?


Look forward to seeing you in Japan. ;) Take care.