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Of Angels and Angles

Posted by editor on October 8, 2008 at 8:01 AM PDT

JCP elections begin: will your voice be heard?

This year's JCP Executive Committee Elections are now underway, with balloting open for JCP members at the PricewaterhouseCoopers JCP election site.

I'm not sure if most people in the community follow how the JCP and its Executive Committees work, which I think is a shame. If you're complaining about something being included in or excluded from the next version of Java (I'm thinking of a plural, 8-letter word that starts with "c"... rhymes with former CNN Headline News anchor Bob Losure... any takers?), then the JCP is the one unambiguous way to affect the fate of that feature. At some point, a "contents of Java 7" JCP will go before the SE/EE Executive Committee, which will vote it up or down.

The idea of the JCP is to represent the collective opinion and values of the Java community. It's only as accurate as you, the community, choose to make it. If you let someone else choose the EC for you, then you can't be surprised or disappointed if they vote in features you don't want, or exclude stuff you want included. If there's a direction you want the platform to go, you need to seek out candidates -- companies, organizations, and individuals -- who share those values and will express them as a member of one of the ECs.

However, voting isn't wide open. Only JCP members can vote in the elections, and despite the fact that it's free for individuals, the JCP FAQ says there are only 1,200 current members. Considering that you have to be a JCP member to submit a JSR, nominate someone for or serve on an expert group, or provide feedback on proposed JSRs and public reviews, that seems a rather small and elite group, a tiny fraction of the over 5 million Java developers worldwide. (If I've now convinced you to join, go directly to the membership page).

As your editor, I have to stay publicly neutral about the election itself, but privately I've been both delighted and infuriated by previous results, so you can bet that as a JCP member, I'll be looking at the candidates closely and casting my votes for those who I think will best care for the Java platform. I hope many of you will do the same.

If you're a member, you can now go to the PricewaterhouseCoopers JCP election site to participate in the first stage of the process, the election for ratified seats. This year, the ratified seat candidates on the SE/EE EC are Ericsson, SAP, and SpringSource, and the ME EC candidates are IBM, Nokia, and Philips. The ratification ballot is open through October 20, with results announced October 21. The next phase, for elected seats, begins with open nominations October 21 through 31, followed by balloting November 4 through 17.

Also in Java Today, Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart has posted details about this week's GlassFish webinar: OpenSocial for GlassFish. "On Thursday, October 9th, 11:15am PT, a Technical Webinar on
SocialSite and OpenSocial by David Johnson (of Apache Roller fame). Dave will describe the basics of OpenSocial and will introduce SocialSite and describe its benefits, architecture and Widgets and Web Services." Eduardo also notes that he is planning two special one-hour webinars to cover GlassFish v3 Prelude for Spanish- and Portugese-speaking participants.

Although many development teams use version-control systems to manage code changes, they can struggle when developers code off the same code base, in parallel. In the latest Automation for the people installment, Parallel development for mere mortals, automation expert Paul Duvall shows how to effectively tag, branch, and merge source code using the open source, freely available Subversion version-control system.

In today's Weblogs, Jitendra Kotamraju offers plaudits for the
Metro GAP winners. "Congratulations to GAP winners, specially to : Jungwook Chae, Tatu Saloranta, Ernesto Jose Perez Garcia, Karel Kolman, Franke Markus, Ryan de Laplante who have contributed to GlassFish Metro web services and its sub projects."

John Ferguson Smart has some guidance for Installing Hudson as a service on Redhat. "Hudson is a great little Continuous Integration server. One of Kosuke's more recent innovations has been to add a feature that lets you install Hudson as a service on Windows. A very useful feature indeed, as previously this was a fairly non-trivial operation. But what if you're running Hudson on a Linux server?"

Finally, in Tokyo, here I come!, the itinerant Kohsuke Kawaguchi writes, "Visiting Tokyo is always an enjoyable experience. I know the place well, so I can get around, I have friends, and I know where and what I want to eat. As much as I love my family, having some time alone is good, too."

Today's Forums start with an announcement from Paul Davies that Final review for GlassFish v3 Prelude documentation starts now. "The final drafts of the GlassFish v3 Prelude documentation are available now from the GlassFish Documentation Comments Wiki. For a list of documents to review, consult the section /Guides and Tutorials - Ready for Review /on the wiki page. As the review is starting a day late, the deadline for comments is now end of day *Monday, 13 October 2008*. Members of the GlassFish documentation team have asked subject matter experts individually to review sections of the documentation that apply to their area of expertise. If you have been asked by a member of the GlassFish documentation team to review a particular section of the documentation, or are interested in the GlassFish v3 Prelude documentation, please set aside some time next week to review the documentation."

cknappe posts a
Layout Question. "Is it possible to set the alignment of a container? I have to build a BorderLayout. At the south of this layout there have to be 2 buttons. If I add those buttons to the BorderLayout just the last added is displayed. OK - so I put them into a FlowLayout Container and add this to the South of the BorderLayout. The Problem now is, that this Container (in which the buttons are) is always at the left side. Can I do something like container.setAlignment(Center)?"

janey explains the likely cause of an undeployment problem in Re: Cannot Undeploy problem - SJSAS 9.1. "Your app is probably deployed to more than one target (maybe another cluster or a standalone server). Here's what you can do: First remove the reference by using "delete-application-ref". Once the reference is removed, then you can do undeploy command. To find out if there are any references, use the "get * | grep application-ref.". You'll see a list in dotted-notation. The target is the first value in the dotted-notation. (e.g. server.application-ref.hello1.* where server is one of the target)"

Finally, gopallal asks
How to embed javafx code in HTML or web pages. "I am new for JavaFX. currently I am working for animation on web pages or HTML pages in my application. So I want to know whether JavaFX script can be embedded into html pages or not? If yes, how can I embed it? please provide some link, tutorials etc for guideline."

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