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Jazoon'09 launches Call for Papers

Posted by cwfrei on October 16, 2008 at 12:03 AM PDT

Call For Papers

Starting immediately the clock is running toward the submission deadline during this Call for Papers. Java and Open Source Experts from all over the world are called upon to actively participate in the steering of the Jazoon'09 program.

Proposals for short talks (20 minutes) and long talks (50 minutes)
can be submitted within the scope of the technical sessions until
31 December 2008. Presentations can be held individually or together
with a co-speaker. Speakers profit from preferential terms - details to be found at

From Experts for Experts

The Jazoon Program Committee will develop an attractive conference program through peer review of the submissions. The committee has international representation and is led by Corsin Decurtins of Netcetera Zurich and member of the executive board of the Swiss Java Users Group (JUGS).

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