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Editor's blog for Friday

Posted by editor on October 17, 2008 at 8:15 AM PDT

In Java Today,
Alex Miller notes a post to the JSR 277 EG observer mailling list that Stanley Ho is stepping down as the spec lead of the Java Module System JSR, an announcement that coincides with Stanley's move from Sun to RIM. Alex Buckley will be taking over as the spec lead, and Stanley's announcement says the two have been working together to ensure a smooth transition.

Ayman Elgharabawy has posted an article introducing NetBeans plugins for the ZK Ajax framework. "I just add some of video flash demo of what i have done with netbeans and i hope it will be usefull and i am looking for your comments." You can download a zip of the plugins from Ayman's site.

I picked five items from today's Forums for the front page... there was just too much good stuff to leave stuff out. We begin with terrencebarr's licensing clarification in Re: License agreement and obfuscation. "LWUIT is no different in that respect than other open source projects licensed under GPLv2 with the classpath exception. If you have general questions about developing with GPL and classpath you can read up on the topic here and here:"

LWUIT user lowi has a question about
Customizing the title bar. "I would like to have a more elaborate title bar, such as a label on the left side, and a button on the right side. The most obvious solution to me seems to replace the title component of the form class with a Container having a BorderLayout. This works well on my local build, but my final application doesn't have the same size when I use my custom build instead of the binary drop 20080814."

demonduck offers a pointed allegory called
Fortran, Pascal, Smalltalk and Java sitting in a vacant lot..., which begins, "Fortran, Pascal, Smalltalk and Java are sitting around a guttering fire in a vacant lot strewn with cyber-debris from bygone eras. Pascal says wistfully, "I could have been somebody -- I could have been a contender. P-code geez, what was I thinking?""

Continuing the week's most contentious thread, swpalmer questions the 64-bit obsession in
Re: Java WebStart (JNLP), JavaFX on 64-bit machines. "You're right. 64-bit isn't generally "out there" - it's mainly a server thing I guess, though my company isn't running 64-bit servers. All the new Macs are 64-bit, but they have other issues when it comes to Java support... Java 6 on Mac is ONLY 64-bit :-) . I think Sun didn't screw up the priorities - this time."

robilad posts a fact check as a followup in Re: Java WebStart (JNLP), JavaFX on 64-bit machines. "OpenJDK 6 is based on OpenJDK 7. See for its history. JDK 6 is not based on OpenJDK 6 - the code for JDK 6 has been branched off before OpenJDK 7, from which OpenJDK 6 was branched off."

In today's Weblogs, Kohsuke Kawaguchi talks about overlooked members of the Hudson community in Get together at Appresso. "On Wednesday, I visited a company where one of the Japanese Hudson committers work for: Appresso. We had a little get-together of about 15 people with several lightning talks, and then we all headed for a pub for drinks."

Arun Gupta previews his upcoming talk in "Using Comet to Create a Two-Player Web Game" @ Ajax World. "Jim and I are speaking at Ajax World next week on Using Comet to Create a Two-Player Web Game. The session walks through the process of creating a Tic Tac Toe game that can be played over the Internet using Ajax and Comet."

Finally, John O'Conner passes along word that
JAX-RS and Jersey 1.0 are available. "Old is new again. Using HTTP's basic vocabulary (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to define web services seems to be the big thing now. So JAX-RS and the Jersey implementation seem like reasonable sources for blog topics.JAX-RS is the Java API..."

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