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This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race

Posted by editor on October 20, 2008 at 8:00 AM PDT

REST versus SOAP, must there only be one?

Almost as spirited as the battle over closures is the debate over web service architectures: SOAP versus REST. If anything, it sounds fairly one-sided: the REST side blogs a lot, yet you don't see as much blogging from the SOAP side. Maybe they're too busy developing new web services to engage their critics? I don't have a stake in this fight, so I'm staying out.

Java also isn't playing favorites, a point clarified by Arun Gupta in his blog SOAP and REST - both equally important to Sun, who writes:

"Sun moving away from SOAP to embrace REST" is the misleading title of an article recently published in SD Times. The article provides a good introduction to JAX-RS and Jersey. But I really wonder what motivated the author of this article to use this title. This blog, hopefully, provides a better context.

And with the REST/SOAP rivalry in mind, the latest Poll asks
"Which web service messaging approach do you prefer?" Cast your vote on the front page, then check the results page for current tallies and discussion.

Continuing the REST versus SOAP topic in today's Weblogs, Cay Horstmann reports being
Restless about REST. "When I read the REST tutorials, it all seemed so simple. But now I am designing my first set of REST queries, and I have lots of queries on how to be RESTful."

On a topic, Sonya Barry has posted another project audit update. "By the numbers - what I've done with older projects in the general, edu-gelc, linux, and mobile and embedded communities."

In Java Today,
Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart has a wrap-up of last Thursday's GlassFish event, in his Report on Special Webinar in Spanish. "This last Thursday I hosted a Special Webinar
for the Spanish-speaking community. The webinar home page (spanish, english)
has links to the presentation (SlideShare, PDF) and to the recording. The presentation went very well and there was interest from the audience in making it a regular event. Future events will also be hosted at
TheAquarium Online and we will announce it here, at JavaHispano and at other sites."

NetBeans is turning 10! Starting Monday, October 20, join us for a week-long retrospective on the projects and people who have made NetBeans a success. The celebration will kick-off with a community-inspired "Decathlon" -- ten interactive activities that let NetBeans users show and share what the NetBeans project means to them -- and other unique content highlighting the evolution of the NetBeans project.

The JSR 298 (Telematics API for Java ME) expert group has made the final release of the spec available for download. One of the most domain-specific of the current JSRs, 298 "is designed to provide a standard API set to control car devices and diagnose status of the car on the current and the next generation of embedded devices. The primary goal of this JSR is to define service-oriented API set providing standardized interface to Telematics service applications. In the end, the API which is for car device control and diagnosis aims for collecting information of car status and controlling the car devices to support telematics services."

This week's Spotlight is on
the newly-released Java ME Platform SDK, a "state-of-the-art toolbox for developing mobile applications. It integrates CLDC, CDC and Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J) technology into one SDK. Java ME SDK 3.0 is the successor to the popular Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 and Java Toolkit 1.0 for CDC. It provides device emulation, a standalone development environment and a set of utilities for rapid development of Java ME applications."

In today's Forums, nanom reprises a popular question about
JDK 7 Playing Video Support. "Hi, I've read around that JDK7 will include JMC (upgrade/update of the old JMF). I've downloaded the early release of the JDK7 and couldn't find anything related to playing video. Is this functionality included in JDK7? Where?"

The documentation for the upcoming version of GlassFish continues to take shape, with a call for feedback in
Paul Davies'
Review Request: Add-On Component Development Guide. "The Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Add-On Component Development Guide is now available for review from its doc comment wiki page. Please review this document and provide your feedback on the doc comment wiki page by end of day Wednesday October 22, 2008."

Shai Almog nails down the cause of a runtime exception in
Re: NullPointerException in TextArea. "Hi, this occurs when setting text from a separate thread. Make sure you always invoke setText and the related methods from the EDT otherwise you might trigger this race condition."

BD-J developer joshw asks about the practicality of
PIP positioning scaling. "Is it possible to pro grammatically move and scale the PIP video? I can accomplish that for the main video via the AWTVideoSizeControl, is there a similar control for the PIP? I tried PipControl.getControlComponent() and use the setLocation method, but the component returned by getControlComponent() is null."

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