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Upcoming Java Power Tools Bootcamp in Wellington

Posted by johnsmart on October 20, 2008 at 6:44 PM PDT

For anyone who missed out on the previous Java Power Tools Bootcamps in Wellington, you'll be pleased to know that another bootcamp has been scheduled in Wellington for the 25th-28th of November.

Some courses are about getting certified in a particular technology. Others try to teach you a particular framework or API. The Java Power Tools Bootcamp is different. The aim of the Java Power Tools Bootcamp is to empower you to develop more productively.

The Java Power Tools Bootcamp is a comprehensive, innovative and hands-on workshop covering best-of-breed open source tools and techniques for Agile Development in Java. Learn how to optimize your development process, hone your programming skills and know-how, and ultimately produce better software. It covers key areas of software development and best practices, including:

  • Agile Development Principles and Practices and Maven 2
  • Unit and Integration testing with JUnit 4, Hamcrest, Selenium and easyb.
  • Code quality and documentation with tools like Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs and Crap4J
  • SCM and Continuous Integration with Subversion and Hudson
  • And how to tie it all together to accelerate your development!

The course has been proving very popular so far. Here is some of the feedback on the sessions so far:

  • "Extremely beneficial for any Java developer - even the ones that know it all."
    - Elsa, Technical Team Leader
  • "Probably the best training course I've been on...Ranges from a good overview to a detailed coverage of topics, depending on need or preference. Was an excellent course." - Peter, Analyst Programmer
  • "Best development course I have been on in a very long time. Will seriously improve our development/build/test lifecycle." - Neil, Software Developer
  • "One of the best and most useful courses I have attended." - Jonathon, Developer

So, if you're in Wellington, make sure you don't miss out!