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Speaking at Devoxx 2008

Posted by felipegaucho on October 21, 2008 at 4:21 AM PDT

My move from Brazil to Switzerland two years ago forced me to reorganize my carrier goals, to adapt to a different culture and also to keep an eye on my family happiness (at the end, the major goal). Now, things are getting clear again, and my passion for software development has proved to be the best strategy to overcome little issues.

The last few months were quite busy in my open-source life, including the renascence of Cejug-Classifieds project and the consolidation of Footprint project with a stable release out there. All the extra effort of including daily extra hours and weekends of self education brought me the acceptance of three short presentations during Devoxx 2008, on December at Antwerp:

Many thanks to all of you who helped me to reach this milestone, specially the support of the Metro community and the Sun staff. A special remark for the collaborators of my projects and the Brazilian Java community, I will do my best to honor your confidence and friendship during the presentations.

* During the next few weeks I plan to blog about the contents of the presentations.. but be my guest to ask anything you want to hear live from the stage :)

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Hi Felipe, that is awesome, congratulations! I am a Java developer from Porto Alegre-RS and I will be attending Devoxx too. It would be great if we could meet there and share some experience. Any other brazilians on Devoxx? diegomrosa at yahoo dot com dot br

Congrat! See you there :-)