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Posted by editor on October 28, 2008 at 7:37 AM PDT

Getting psyched for NIO.2

We covered JSR 203, "More New I/O APIs for the Java Platform (NIO.2)" a few months back, in the form of Elliotte Rusty Harold's extensive preview. What's surprising is reading that there's still more useful stuff coming in NIO.2 beyond the established coolness of file attributes and reliable copy and move methods.

Over on Javalobby, Alex Miller looks ahead to JSR 203's new File I/O APIs with Some JSR 203 Examples and Some More JSR 203 Examples.

"My examples for JSR 203 were focused on the basics but I was really just skimming the surface of a pretty large set of classes. I've had some follow up discussions with Alan Bateman, the spec lead for JSR 203, since my post this week and he called out a list of features that may also be of interest if you want to go deeper. It seemed like a great list so I'm reposting here with his permission."

Some of the highlights in Alex's list that I hadn't noticed include MIME type awareness, a DELETE_ON_CLOSE file-opening behavior, and a concurrency-friendly AsynchronousFileChannel. Have a look and see if there's functionality you'd like to have in your application...

Also in Java Today,
Jean Francois Poilpret is closing in on a 1.0 release of the DesignGridLayout project, but wonders aloud if it should hold for a few weeks in order to include more fixes and features. In DesignGridLayout: final 1.0 soon released! Or not?, he asks "So I ask the question here [...] what do you, DesignGridLayout users, prefer? Version 1.0 in about one week, all current issues open solved only in later versions? [Or] version 1.0 with more issues closed (which ones?), but released later (between mid November and end December, depending on which issues to solve)."

The Aquarium announces a Special GlassFish v3 Prelude Webinar on November 6th: "We will broadcast via TheAquarium Online and we are exploring doing several mini-talks centered in the different topics in GlassFish v3 Prelude. Stay tuned for more details."

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 60: Heart Patient Monitoring. The third in a series of podcasts from the Brazilian Month of Java, Edilson Prudencio, a researcher with Dr João Cândido Dovicchi at the Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina, talks about his project of monitoring heart patients using bluetooth monitors, Marge and a JavaME phone.

In today's Weblogs, Felipe Leme offers tips for Adding EL support on your projects. "Although there is a lot of documentation out there on how to use EL in places that support it (like the aforementioned JSTL and JSP technologies), there is a lack of resources on how to support EL on *your* application. In this blog, I will try to fill that gap."

Greg Murray shows off some scripting cleverness in the form of an Ajax Waiter. "Who needs a progress bar when you can have an Ajax Waiter? This component is written in pure JavaScript and is library / toolkit neutral."

Finally, Van Riper previews the
Silicon Valley Code Camp Nov 8-9. "For the third year running, this Code Camp will be held at Foothill College in Los Altos, California. This is my second year organizing the Java Speaker Track at Code Camp with the help of Kevin Nilson. We have 115 sessions lined up and 850+ developer signed up to attend this free code camp. Read the full entry to learn about the camp twitter feed, Hackathon4Kids, lightning talk opportunities and more."

In today's Forums, eranpolo asks how to make a
Full-Screen Splash in LWUIT. "When my application starts, I want to display a full-screen image (splash screen), which disappears after some time. I tried doing it using Dialog & Form, but failed to do so (the Form saves space for soft-keys & title, the Dialog centerlizes my image and down-scales it)."

ymajoros has an interesting scenario that calls for
injecting externally defined beans. "In our university, independant teams have their own implementation of some generic services. Each team implements their services as remote Session Beans. We managed to access remote Session Beans on glassfish, this is no problem. Now, team A doesn't necessarily know where team B's beans are stored. So, Team B publishes their beans' location in an ldap server. We managed to lookup the location of team B session beans in ldap, and do some lookup based on this. Now, what would really be cool is to have glassfish do this on startup, and provide injection for ldap looked up beans. How to do this? Could we let Glassfish run some jar on startup which would register some beans in jndi?"

antleb hopes to
Create XQuery from Java objects. "I have a hierarchy of classes which I want to save in an xml database. To do this, I have annotated them with jaxb annotations and using JaxbContext.createMarshaller().marshall() have trasformed them to xml strings. My question is: How can I create an XQuery to search in the stored xml strings? Jaxb is very useful because it hides the xsd and the xml < - > java trasformation, but I can't find a way to get the xpath that corresponds to a certain field. Is there a way? Can you suggest a different approach?"

Finally, ashruf is looking for
Help with Flying saucer. "I need to generate pdfs from html in two layouts; Landscape & Portrait. I am using @page XhtmlNamespaceHandler.css to set the orientation of the page for the pdf. It is working good for one orientation at a time. Now there is a new requirement that application need to support both orientations."

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Getting psyched for NIO.2