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QA with Josh Bloch

Posted by hiheiss on October 29, 2008 at 3:15 PM PDT

In a interview, More Effective Java With Google's Joshua Bloch, I conducted with Josh Bloch, the author and eminent developer as always has lots of interesting things to say not only about his revised edition of his book, Effective Java, but discusses many other topics too.

He informs readers:

* The strangest thing about the Java platform is that the byte type is signed. (I'm curious what others may find strange.)

* His favorite programming rules (for the day at least): "Minimize the accessibility of classes and members" and "Minimize mutability".

* When to break his rules.

* What he learned about the Java platform from the perspective of a user working at Google.

* How generics have worked out.

* Why Java developers mistakenly optimize code.

* Why Java developers fail to use libraries -- especially when they need concurrency utilities.

* The importance of unit tests.

And more...

Please check it out and tell me what you think and if you agree with Josh or not on some of these points.... I'm interested.

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Hi hat27533! Thanks lots for your kind words and hahaha :)

Hey Janice, cool interview, bought both editions of "The Book" couldn't do without them now, I have just convinced our self styled "Expert" (Ex = "has been" , spurt="drip", exspurt get it ?) that we should have some sensible standards to work to....;-)