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Time Will Come

Posted by editor on October 31, 2008 at 7:20 AM PDT

On to GlassFish v3

OK, let's review. The plan for GlassFish v3 is to move to an modular and extensible platform, supporting OSGi, with support for dynamic languages and Java EE 6.

That's a tall order, so to break things down into more manageable chunks, the team announced earlier this year that they would begin with a Prelude to GlassFixh v3, whose contents would be limited to the big transitional pieces: the OSGi-based lightweight and extensible core, the web and scripting container, an admin console and an update center. The EE 6 part can wait... after all, the JSR to define EE 6 is still being worked on.

But GlassFish will be ready when EE 6 is.

The Aquarium passes along the announcement GlassFish v3 Prelude Now Available; Webinar on Nov 6th. "Earlier today Paul
the availability of GFv3 Prelude
([1], [2]). Work conflicts didn't let me host the usual webinar today and we have the US elections early next week, so we have delayed the webinar until next Thursday, Nov 6th. Since there is a lot of new material in GF v3 Prelude, instead of our
usual format we are arranging a day of mini-webinars, each 10 minutes. We will broadcast through
TheAquarium Online, with recordings to be made available afterwards."

In light of this announcement, our new Poll asks "Have you tried out GlassFish v3 Prelude?" Cast your vote on the front page, then visit the results page for current tallies and discussion.

Also in Java Today, NetBeans Dream Team member Toni Epple has posted pictures from NetBeans Days in Gdansk and Poznan, noting that "these events were organized by the local JUGs, which is really great! So, if the world tour doesn't come to your country or city next year (like in Germany) just follow the example of these two events". In a related note, the NetBeans Dream Team page has been updated to feature more up-to-date information.

the Database Driven Jasper Report project (dbdjasperreport) is developed using Groovy, Grails, and Jasper Reports. The project describes itself as "an on-demand web reporting application that could serve as a central report repository and gives an organization the ability to have multiple environment, provided you have a Development, Test and Production web server environment. dbdjasperreport is designed to integrate with any web application."

Today's Weblogs begin with Simon Morris' latest commentary blog,
Shocking Ideas: Coding Should Actually Be Fun!! "As I understand it enrollment levels for programming courses at colleges and universities have taken a nose dive. Computer programming, not long ago one of the most over-subscribed subjects, is now struggling to compete. Is the industry itself partially to blame?"

In Netbeans 6.5 is at your door step, take a look at shining new features, Masoud Kalali writes, "NetBeans 6.5 is new release of first class multi language, platform IDE. NetBeans 6.5 release is mostly targets Scripting languages like PHP, Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript (AJAX) and a lot of other enhancement in the platform and IDE."

Finally, Carol McDonald shares a session on
Dojo REST Comet. "Yesterday I gave a talk on Dojo REST and Comet at the Northern Virginia JUG. You can download the slides and sample code. "

In today's Forums, mollekas asks
How to load in properties just once in J2EE?
"I am loading in some information which only should be loaded once and hereafter resused across many stateless session calls. How do I do that in J2EE without using the keyword static and the use of Singletons?"

pstefan complains that
PhoneME Feature on WM5 can't connect to the network.
"I am using the latest binary for Windows Mobile 5 of PhoneME Feature from I have found a strange behaviour. My j2me Midlet connects to a server over a tcp socket connection I have a Motorola MC75 device for testing purposes which has WLAN, HSDPA/UMTS, ... integrated. I can't connect my midlet to the server, it always writes "Connecting..." and never get's connected. I do not have this behaviour only in my midlet. The MVMManager has the same problem. I can't install a midlet from the web. It never get's a connection and it always fails with an error that no midlet suite can be found. "

Finally, i30817 speculates on causes of Swing's seeming stagnation in
Re: [FYI] Sun stopped funding of SwingX. "I think sun regrets ever releasing swing as a core library. The obsession with never breaking backwards compatibility is really bizarre for me, and would be completely unneeded if everyone was forced to bundle their own swing version. Now a days it wouldn't even be too much. Swing is what 15mb and only because it's kinda bloated right?"

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